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Accept The Juice/Whole Loto Love
virus392 (2009) CD + DVD - $14.00
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The long awaited CD collection of all limbs 7"s, comp tracks, demos, unreleased tracks and live tracks, plus a DVD spanning the Limbs entire career from 1999 - 2004 with live footage from San Francisco to Berlin to Warsaw and many places in between + oodles of bonus features.

Too many years in the making, this is the definitive document of The Phantom Limbs.

"My unabashed admiration for this band's synth-pumped, psychotic circus punk has been well documented, and my belief that punk rock is worse off with their passing is heartfelt. What these kids were doing was reveling in the same alluring creativity, unpredictability, and, yes, sense of danger that allowed those first few waves of punk to fuck up so many lives. They were a band to get genuinely excited about, and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life kicking myself in the ass for not seein' 'em when I had the chance. I guess they figured there were quite a few fans as dumb as I, so in addition to a disc's worth of singles tracks, remixes, and live cuts-all of which are friggin' choice, I might add-they've seen fit to include a DVD filled with live footage of the band wreaking bloody, occasionally disrobed, havoc on unsuspecting audiences. This one's a definite must-have for any collection."

"The Phantom Limbs are what punk and the New Wave were supposed to be about in the first place- something new. The first time I saw them, at Gilman Street, I was stunned- the weirdest band I'd ever seen at the place and the Gilman punx actually liked them. By the end of the night they were on our label.
They asked us to promote them as a goth band, but I sometimes wonder if they spawned their own genre. The closest reference would be the Screamers, due to the keyboard-driven mayhem and Hopeless's Tomata- like ringmastery. But there is more of a classical, harpsichord-y/ Phantom of the Opera thing going here- like Gilbert & Sullivan gone horribly terribly wrong. This is tied-to-the-railroad-tracks music at its finest, like being trapped in a Barbary Coast bordello when the San Francisco Earthquake hits..."
- Jello Biafra, excerpt from the liner notes

"Cinq ans après la fermeture de leur petit théâtre des horreurs, les énigmatiques Phantom Limbs nous reviennent sous la forme d'une compilation Dd / Dvd, histoire de calmer sans doute Jelio Biafra qui n'a de cesse d'hurler à propos du groupe et de leur dissolution : 'For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed!' Pour celles et ceux qui ne connaissent absolument pas l'univers déjanté des Américains, ce disque constitue une belle occasion de pallier à cette lacune.
Véritable ramassis de sonorités punk et gothiques, cet opus est susceptible de faire frémir les plus 'dark' d'entre nous. Il se concentre sur la période sise entre 1999 à 2004, années fastes pour le groupe. Au sein d'un univers semblable à un cabaret, l'inimitable Loto Ball et sa bande inoculent leur parfum maléfique en 19 actes. Possédé et complètement schizophrène, Loto Ball joue un rôle semblable à celui du maître de cérémonie Dr Frank-N-Furter, campé par Tim Curry dans « The Rocky Horror Picture Show ». Androgyne vicieux et macabre, Ball n'hésitera pas à vous planter un coup de couteau entre les omoplates, dès que vous aurez tourné le dos ; et ce, avec la plus grande désinvolture.
Les prestations scéniques immortalisées sur le Dvd corroborent ce point de vue. Peinturluré et vêtu de bas et jarretelles, cet énergumène vient pimenter le tableau en se démantibulant comme s'il était hanté par on ne sait quel vampire. Boosté aux substances les plus acides, il vocifère dans un micro ses textes maudits. Il incarne même l'essence du dérangeant et du mal-être. « Accept The Juice / Whole Loto Love » est le dernier cadeau à offrir à sa maman ; car elle n'aurait de cesse de prier pour votre âme, la pauvre. On espère juste aussi que Biafra se consolera un jour."



A-1. "Murder Us Windpipes" (2:38)
A-2. "Shake a Baby" (3:03)
A-3. "Hot Knives & Hornets" (3:22)
A-4. "The Bigest Snowball" (2:38)
A-5. "Shut Up Old Man" (2:42)
A-6. "122 Hours of Fear" (3:17)
A-7. "Girl on a Trapeze" (2:26)
A-8. "Look Ma No Hands" (2:58)
A-9. "Romance (Demo)" (4:53)
A-10. "Patience" (4:35)
A-11. "Jointly Stranded (Remix)" (3:49)
A-12. "Hot Knives & Hornets (Withes Mix)" (5:35)
A-13. "Murder Us Crackpipes" (2:48)
A-14. "Intro" (0:44)
A-15. "Sebastiane (Live)" (3:26)
A-16. "Piss on Them Lightly (Live)" (3:38)
A-17. "How Calm You Are (Live)" (3:03)
A-18. "Shut Them Out (Live)" (3:06)
A-19. "Unhinged Face (Live)" (3:31)
B-1. "Hot Knives And Hornets (DVD)" ()
B-2. "Somebody Twisted Your Arm (DVD)" ()
B-3. "The Lab (DVD)" ()
B-4. "Shut Up Old Man (DVD)" ()
B-5. "Shake a Baby (DVD)" ()
B-6. "Photo Shoot (DVD)" ()
B-7. "122 Hours of Fear (DVD)" ()
B-8. "Piss on Them Lighly (DVD)" ()
B-9. "Chugging Contest (DVD)" ()
B-10. "Sebastiane (DVD)" ()
B-11. "European Tour 2002 (DVD)" ()
B-12. "Wrenches and Spoons" ()
B-13. "Castanets Cookie (DVD)" ()
B-14. "7 Deadly Sins" ()
B-15. "Ear to the Ground (DVD)" ()
B-16. "Unhinged Face (DVD)" ()
B-17. "Rehearsal Studio (DVD)" ()

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