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life040 DYSTOPIA
life040 (2009) CD - $10.00
The final Dystopia LP is now out! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. This record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom-ridden punk. Both formats include a 20 page full color booklet and the vinyl is pressed on cool clear vinyl! Unstoppable!

"Open letter to all current bands that fancy themselves a bit nasty, grim and nihilistic. The new Dystopia record is out. Give it up. You might be a big wheel down at the cracker factory, but that doesn't cut any ice here.
Dystopia's long rumoured posthumous swansong finally hits turntables around the world, and it is the soundtrack to your pointless, lonely, miserable, cretin infested life. It is the record playing in the back of your mind, as you fantasize about stoving in the bonce of some numbskull, who was damn fool enough to foul up your day with his own selfish, dimwitted prickery. No self pitying boo-hooing going on here though. As the first bass note creeps out of the speaker, it's unmistakable who you are listening to. They certainly showed no signs of winding down here, and this stacks up admirably against anything else they did. Just pure, glorious nihilism. Bleak, oppressive venom. Exasperated rage at the complete black hole of piss and shit that is the World at large. Admittedly there is no 'Backstabber', nor 'Stress Builds Character' here, but compared to the dark bilious rage puked at you by Dystopia, all other bands are but mere kittens prancing through dewy meadows.
The irony of a band called Dystopia being this close to perfection should not be lost on you."
- Collective Zine

"Considering that today's underground is littered with sludge and metal bands aimlessly exercising generic doomy stonerisms and click-tracked blast beats, hearing, or rather feeling, Dystopia's bass-heavy crush and raging wall of raw down-tuned guitars wretch forth from the speakers is a welcome relief. The band manages to preserve the reckless abandon that defines their past, and thanks to some quality studio time and tightening of musicianship, they deliver with a more focused and calculated intensity.
Unapologetic in tone and uncompromising in their verbal assault, Dystopia's target was a passive American public obsessed with the Internet, hooked on their designer meds, and blind to the global effects of its consumption. Dino's shriek and growl drips thick with rancor, highlighting the anger and disgust that has always driven the band."
- North Coast Journal

"Dystopia's message is poignant as ever, from the ills of substance dependency, ever growing technology, society's attitude towards the future, and of course religion, Dystopia are angry as ever. Powerful and viscous vocals carry along their message as well as the whole vibe of the album. The opening spoken word section from Eckhart Tolle on "Now and Forever" is extremely powerful and provoking, and fits better than I could have ever imagined for the track.
Similar to their back catalog, the music is in the same style. Dual vocals, one higher and a bit raspier, while one is more of a bellow and deeper: both are quite raspy. Mid paced for the most part, with sludgy and scratchy guitars and extremely well played drums we see Dystopia clear track after track in their usual style.
Posthumously released, Dystopia proves they know every nuance of their craft. Not one bad song (excluding the track that's just a sample) is to be found on this album, which serves as a powerful reminder of Dystopia's prowess and attitude."
- Metal Archives



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