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Soul Pollution
virus214 (1998) CD - $12.00
Overmodulated hardcore and sociopolitical browbeating aim a blood clot at your brain. In a scene flooded with similar messages, this kind of overstatement is the only thing left. Reissue of this long-standing New Mexico band's 2nd album (originally released in 1995 on Tee Pee Records).

"I don't need to have my Guru Glaser (that's Mystic Meg with a wallet chain) head on to predict that those who slavered over Logical Nonsense's devastating Rorschach-like Expand the Hive last year will love this, a timely reissue of their '95 album on Tee Pee Records to coincide with their European tour, with a similar passion. It rages with the same fury against the injustices of society, with all the subtlety of a two-headed fire-breathing dragon sporting a Man Is The Bastard shirt. If there are any fans of extreme noise, or even Extreme Noise Terror, who haven't heard this lot, I suggest you get with the program and do so immediately!"

- Terrorizer



1. "Hatework" (2:08)
2. "Spoil" (0:58)
3. "Soul Pollution" (1:58)
4. "Enemy Within" (1:54)
5. "What's Left" (2:22)
6. "Firestorm" (2:05)
7. "Social Delusion" (2:18)
8. "Why The Pain" (1:22)
9. "All We Have" (1:53)
10. "Everyday Stagnation" (2:21)
11. "Just Fucked" (2:05)
12. "Legion" (3:24)

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