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thr010 (2008) CD - $9.00
Shotwell's music harkens back to that magical time in the Bay Area scene when pop-punk and driving melody ruled supreme, with more than a bit of The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers tossed into the mix. Just try to see them live and not sing along to "Limbs" or "Pipeline"! Tireless in their musical efforts, and amidst numerous burned CDs, tapes, and line-up changes, at long last here's their full-length testament to tuneful, upbeat punk, and with 19 tracks you'll be sure to get your fill!

"If I worshipped at the altar of 90's Bay Area pop punk or championed the revival of sorts spearheaded by the likes of Shang-a-lang or Tulsa, then I'd have a boner right now that would shatter heaven. As it stands, I'm more than down to go along for the ride, and this is a record that'll get more than a few spins..."
- Maximum Rock'n'Roll


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