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Musica Pra Guerra
625214 (2008) CD - $10.00
It's the unstoppable 3rd CD from Brazil's legendary thrashers! This does not let up in the ferocity and anger that Discarga, a three-piece, is known for world wide. Straightforward socio-political band bring fastcore played with rage, not unlike Larm and Manlifting Banner!

This is breath-taking, intense-as-hell speed played with perfectly executed precision- with no room for monotony or lack of energy and passion. Taking influences from what was the best of South American and European Hardcore history, Discarga's sound remains original and unique with their non-stop assault and charisma. Well established in the international hardcore community with their 10 years of existence of existence, the band contains current and ex-members of POINT OF NO RETURN, RATOS DE PORAO and O INIMIGO. Limited copies in stock!

"Impeccably recorded & delivered hardcore from Brazil with probably their best produced material yet... Seein' Red-styled drum-driven throttling thrash blizzard seamlessly presented in longer, interconnected compositions.... Discarga is then able to flex their formula with mid-tempo melodic sing-along tracks, moody intros, unpredictable bridges, and musical complexity. This gives the recording an over-the-top hook that's always been just out of reach of the band's strong previous releases. Killer!"
- Maximumrocknroll

"Um dos principais nomes da música hardcore do país chega com mais um grande lançamento. "Música Pra Guerra" vem com diferencias, de mente aberta, com experimentações interessantes que vem inclusive em forma de participações especiais, caso de M. Takara por exemplo. Apesar de tais inovações, o Discarga continua com sua pegada clássica, o fast-core doentio e de inclinações politicas mantém-se intacto, para alegria de seus admiradores. De brinde, no final do disco, compilada em uma unica faixa, todas as músicas do Discarga do split com o H-Zero."
- Zona Punk

"In this last LP these three crazy brazilian thrashers push themselves to the limit finding a balanced and explosive sound which makes their music sound much aggressive than ever. Speed has no limits and bass lines kick ass (there's a reason why the share bass player with Ratos De Porao). If you ever have a chance to catch their live, dont loose the opportunity to see this hardcore lesson."
- Sick Music For Sick Minds



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