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Death Was Too Kind
virus391 (2008) LP - $12.00 | CD - $12.00
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Subhumans and DOA were the two pillars of the Vancouver, BC, Canada punk scene who caught Jello Biafra's attention and were spotlighted in the landmark Alternative Tentacles compilation Let Them Eat Jellybeans. The Subhumans, first active between 1978 and 1982, were the more elusive of the two, with many out-of-print releases fetching bank on eBay and making it difficult for present-day fans to connect the dots.

Now, the Subhumans join the Alternative Tentacles Re-issues of Necessity pantheon with Death Was Too Kind, a collection of material from the early years, lovingly remastered from original source material: the very first single Death to the Sickoids (only 500 were pressed); the Firing Squad single; the self-titled EP produced by Bob Rock, who went on to work with Metallica, The Cult, Offspring, etc.; "Look at the Dawn" and "Pissed Off... With Good Reason," two virtually lost songs (only available on the 1996 collection CD released by Essential Noise in Canada), especially remastered for this reissue from the original tapes by Jesse Gander at Hive Studios.

Death Was Too Kind features the band's best-known lineup with Wimpy Roy, Gerry Useless, Mike Graham, Dimwit, and Jim Imagawa. Both the LP & the CD come with liner notes!

Another classic added to our Re-issues of Necessity series!

"A collection of THE SUBHUMANS' (not SUB/HUM/ANS) EPs, and two previously unreleased tracks. I love the Canadian SUBHUMANS (and the English one, for that matter) and I think their EPs are even better than the two LPs. Their debut 7" Death to the Sickoids/Oh Canaduh is about as close to punk 45 perfection as it gets-it's up there with THE DILS' Class War/Mr. Big. This collection shares the cover and name of the 1979 12" which featured the classic "Fuck You," later to be covered by DOA (and metal band OVERKILL.) My favorite SUBHUMANS song, though, is "Firing Squad." Brian Goble's voice on that song still gets me-and it's one of those punk songs that is probably going to make me cry one day. The two unreleased tracks from 1981, "Look at the Dawn" and "Pissed Off..." an instrumental, could be a lost classic. Old Canadian punk was rare in that there was very little garbage, and THE SUBHUMANS were one of the first and best bands. Well done to Alternative Tentacles for compiling and releasing this-it was about fuckin' time somebody did. You need this...if just to preserve your original copies of these records. Brilliant."
- Maximum Rock'N'Roll

From one of the 4 (the most of any reissue!) Top Ten of 2008 lists that chose this record:
"One of the 1st punk bands to captivate me back in the '80s was the British Subhumans, and I had heard about a Canadian band with the same name, but had no interest in checking them out for some stupid reason. This irrational act made me wiat at least 10 years until I finally listened to the "Firing Squad" EP & spent the rest of the night kicking my own ass for being so stubborn. That's 10 years lost of not having the friggin' Subhumans in my life!"
- Maximumrocknroll



1. "Death To The Sickoids" (2:00)
2. "Oh Canaduh" (2:11)
3. "Death Was Too Kind" (1:50)
4. "Fuck You" (2:10)
5. "Inquisition Day" (1:52)
6. "Slave To My Dick" (2:43)
listen to "Slave To My Dick"   MP3 (2.5 MB)
7. "Firing Squad" (3:15)
8. "No Productivity" (3:07)
9. "Look At The Dawn" (2:25)
10. "Pissed Off ... With Good Reason" (3:37)

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