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virus386 JUCIFER
virus386 (2008) 2xLP Gatefold - out of print
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We just got a handful of the PINK VINYL from an overseas distributor! OUT OF PRINT SINCE 2008!

The latest from this Southern noise punk riff monster duo is a raw sonic palette varying in tempo and volume that never lets up! Oddly enough, this intense release centers around French noblewoman Marie Antionette, and is extremely well-thought out & deep. This is definitely the most ambitious Jucifer record to date.

Amber Valentine's distinctive voice varies from harsh, banshee screams to softly moaned intonations against a raw palette that varies in terms of tempo and volume but never wavers in emotive intensity. Jucifer reinvents metallic shoegazing on 'L'autrichienne.'

There's so much music here we had to split it up into a double album with full color gatefold & lyric sheet!

"...flitting through 3 or 10 musical styles in just one of their off-kilter barnstormers, spannning crushing doom and haunting shoe-gaze. The sprawling new L'Autrichienne allows them to indulge their seemingly boundless creativity..."
- Ben Richardson for the San Francisco Bay Guardian

"You can count the number of decent rock duos on the fingers of one hand, and Athens, Georgia's Jucifer sits squarely at the top of the list. L'Autrichienne, their fourth CD (and second for Relapse) sees them delivering 21 tracks on a double album, which is less self-indulgent excess than the best format to encapsulate the many flavors of the band. Just as you're being sucked into the grooving opener "Blackpowder," the 32 seconds of maniac grind that is "Thermidor" turns up to wreck your head (which is later bested by the abrasive "Fall of the Bastille") before they subsequently head off on countless tangents that take in country-tinged rockers, doom-laden skull cavers, psychedelic oddities, and melancholic, Nick Cave-esque ballads, somehow managing to fit everything together so that while it's unpredictable, it all makes alot of sense. One of the band's biggest strengths is derived from Amber Valentine's vocals and the numerous ways which she applies them. From a strong, warm melodic voice that isn't a million miles away from Veruca Salt, to an eerie, ethereal tone--deployed with skin crawling effect on "Deficit"--to a savage bark that could strip paint from the walls, the one thing she is not is staid. for anyone burned out on the same old, same old, L'Autrichienne offers a varied and exciting alternative."
- Dan Slessor for Out+Burn #44



1. "Blackpowder" (2:16)
2. "Thermidor" (0:32)
3. "To Earth" (3:04)
4. "Deficit" (2:30)
5. "Champ do Mars" (3:52)
6. "Fall of the Bastille" (0:57)
7. "To the End" (3:18)
8. "Armada" (5:56)
9. "L'autrichienne" (5:00)
10. "Behind Every Great Man" (3:10)
11. "October" (4:09)
12. "Birds of a Feather" (2:11)
13. "Traitors" (2:28)
14. "The Law of Suspects" (2:31)
15. "Noyade" (4:21)

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