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active011 ZOUNDS
The Curse of Zounds Discography
active011 (2008) CD - $10.00
Zounds was a giant influence in mid '80s political punk right up there with Crass, Subhumans, the Mob, etc. Musically they were more tuneful around the edges than Crass but they were still punk and had the same political, anarchist message. This CD contains 23 songs (their LP, 4 EPS, and 2 live tracks) which were ALL the music they released.

This classic innovative U.K. anarcho-punk band actually started in 1977 and released some crucial 7-inches & their sole LP, "Curse of Zounds." Bringing their far-ranging tastes to the close-knit anarcho-punk scene of Crass, The Mob, Poison Girls, they are a truly astounding band.

"Someone must have slipped one of those post-anarcho-syndicalist pamphlets in with these guys' Beano comics! This is sturdy, above-average English pop-punk with some surprisingly infectious hooks. But the foursome ain't just disaffected youngsters lookin' for a kiss (or any ol' white riot) - they're searching out the meaning of life in the post-industrial capitalist system. As long as you've got the tunes, fellas - go for it!"
- Trouser Press



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