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mass068 (2007) CD - $16.00
RDP's music has evolved throughout the years, incorporating elements of punk, hardcore and even thrash metal to the structure, making RDP the first Brazilian crossover band. This 1990 classic continued RDP's evolution towards a more thrash-oriented sound, & includes their version of the Ramones classic "Commando." It was their 2nd album for Roadrunner Records. Polish Import. Numbered digipack edition of 2000!

* Counting the Dead
* Death of the King
* Born to Suffer
* Rise and Fall
* Mad Society
* (All I Need is) Hatred
* Anarkophobia
* Universal Church
* Commando (Ramones)
* TV Slave
* Amazonia Nunca Mais (live)
* Commando (live)
* Obrigando a Obedecer (live)

"Different thrash bands got different things from punk and metal; R.D.P., a thrash foursome from Brazil, got their heaviness from metal and their speed and political anger from punk. Unlike many of the thrash releases that came out in 1991, Anarkophobia doesn't get into fantasy lyrics or the occult. R.D.P. is strictly a political band, and the South Americans bring an anarchist perspective to nihilistic offerings like "(All I Need Is) Hatred," "Death of the King," and "Mad Society." All of the tunes are R.D.P. originals except the Ramones' "Commando," which offers some comic relief on what is generally a very angry and pessimistic album... But what Anarkophobia (the Brazilians' only U.S. release) lacks in [lyrical] imagination, it usually makes up for with passion and intensity."
- All Music Guide



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