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The Day The Needles Stood Still
virus180 (1996) CD - $10.00


Too young to have a record player? Or just too lazy? Here's our convenient, affordable way of making six recent vinyl-only singles available to the growing population of turntable-less unfortunates. 22 tracks from 6 bands. The sampler from early 1996 : Saturn's Flea Collar (Victim's Family; Hellworms), Life After Life, Buzzkill, Molotov Cocktail, Pachinko, Radiopuhelimet. 6 7" singles yielding 22 tracks on this CD-only release.

"Glorious. Twenty-two tracks crammed into one CD like an all-night marathon of old B movies. The bands included are: Radiopuhelimet, Life After Life, Pachinko, Saturn's Flea Collar, Molotov Cocktail, and Buzzkill. This CD will rip your brain off at the stem, and kick it down the street into that old lady's yard who comes running out with a shotgun every time someone opens the front gate. Viva el Santo!"
- Flipside

"AT, one of the few remains of the Dead Kennedys, put this compilation together to showcase some of their finer 7"s of late. They've got Radiopuhelimet from Finland, and a bunch of Czech Pogue punks called Life After Life, but the highlight has to be Saturn's Flea Collar, made up of a coupla guys from Victims Family (the greatest band that ever lived). This CD is a quick way to have a huge AT 7" collection."
- Village Voice

"User-friendly digital compilation of six 7" singles recently issued on the Alternative Tentacles Label, which has always pushed musical extremes with mixed results. This batch fares pretty well and steps outside anything that could be pinned as any "A.T." sound (if there is one), and on the whole is pretty abrasive from the jerky Big Black punches of Finland's Radiopuhelimet, the gravel-voiced folk-punk of SF's Life After Life, Pachinko's damaged noise-rock, the total Mr. Bungle-style quirk of Saturn's Flea Collar, to Molotov Cocktail's and Buzzkill's oddball banging upbeat snot-vocalled punk. "
- Maximum Rocknroll



1. "Saalimattoman Ovela Mies (The Man Of Ruthless Cunning)" by Radiopuhelimet(1:52)
2. "Optiolaulu (The Option Song)" by Radiopuhelimet(1:56)
3. "Paha Puoli (The Evil Side)" by Radiopuhelimet(1:55)
4. "Jaameri (The Arctic Ocean)" by Radiopuhelimet(2:05)
5. "Palaan Pohjoisseen (Back To The North)" by Radiopuhelimet(3:12)
6. "Harrahya" by Life After Life(4:17)
7. "Doors" by Life After Life(4:55)
8. "Mexico" by Life After Life(4:12)
9. "Bobble Head" by Pachinko(2:43)
10. "Lesbians Or Lovers" by Pachinko(1:07)
11. "Get Along Gang" by Pachinko(3:55)
12. "Sequences" by Saturn's Flea Collar(2:50)
13. "Boner In The Logo" by Saturn's Flea Collar(0:39)
14. "The Absentee" by Saturn's Flea Collar(5:09)
15. "Drive" by Molotov Cocktail(3:06)
16. "Aliens" by Molotov Cocktail(3:01)
17. "Jerks In Progress" by Molotov Cocktail(4:05)
18. "TCTS" by Molotov Cocktail(1:26)
19. "Fuck Your Band" by Buzzkill(1:18)
20. "Meat" by Buzzkill(1:22)
21. "Thick Slab Meat" by Buzzkill(1:41)
22. "My Own Self" by Buzzkill(2:08)

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