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Anejo 16 Anos
mbr108 (2007) CD - $10.00
Here's a best-of cd the last 16 years from everyone's favorite Italian anti-fascist oi, punk, & ska band! Added to long-time sizzlers like "Antifa Hooligans" "Ya Basta" "3-tone" "Non Sarai Mai Solo" are two previously unreleased, absolutely stellar, ska covers of the Angelic Upstarts "Solidarity" and Cock Sparrar "We're Coming Back."

"Mad Butcher presents another Italian punk rock best of collection along with the ATARASSIA GROP compilation they just released, this time from the classic LOS FASTIDIOS marking their 16 years. With a mixture of fast-paced, stripped-down and very attacking punk rock and slight touches of reggae, there's something very old school about their punk rock sound that I adore, it's so solid and vigorous and like a lot of Italian bands they manage to keep a really strong melody running through their music but they lose none of the force and that's fantastic because that is a very hard balance to get right, if it's too melodic it loses all the fire and I lose interest but LOS FASTIDIOS never enter that territory. As well as a best-of collection, there are 2 unreleased cover cuts on here- the ANGELIC UPSTARTS' 'Solidarity' and COCKSPARRERS 'We're Coming Back' both played as ska versions. When Italians get punk rock right, they are fucking unstoppable"
- No Front Teeth

"Na Mad Butcher Records vychází best off CD italskejm LOS FASTIDIOS. Najdete na něm celkem 20 pecek, včetně 2 dosud nevydanejch coverů - "Solidarity" od Angelic Upstarts a "We're Coming Back" od Cock SParrer - oba zahraný jako ska-verze. Celková minutáž čítá něco kolem 72 minut, vyjmenovávat jednotlivý vály je v tomto případě asi celkem zbytečný... Jo a název, název je "Anejo 16 Anos"."
- Kids And Heroes



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