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ucr015 O PIONEERS!!!
Black Mambas
ucr015 (2007) CD - $10.00
The debut 11 song full length from this Texas two-some! O Pioneers!!! are stripped down Hot Water Music crossed with a Plan-It-X style band. Just know that for two guys they make a lot of fucking noise!

"You could call it playing music, but a better way to describe it is having lots of fun and making noise in the process. O Pioneers!!! is a twopiece band that plays artsy punk/hardcore that's very similar to many old Dischord bands. The duo bang and strum their instruments, and even throw in a few heart felt words as they punch out eleven raw, screamy tracks. Hardcore fans who remember Nations Of Ulysses, Rites Of Spring, and Navio Forge should really dig this."
- Prick

"O Pioneers!!! (yes, they are that excited that they share the name with the Willa Cather book) are a duo (Eric Solomen - vocals and guitar, Jeff Groban - drums) that sure make a lot of noise. They could be considered hardcore or even post-hardcore. Even though they play a little sloppy with screamed out vocals the music on their debut, Black Mambas is catchy. They still manage to supply enough hooks to keep skeptics interested. There are even times when I think of pop-rock artists like Ted Leo "We Have Friends (I Promise)". Production on Black Mambas isn't that hot but I really couldn't imagine listening to O Pioneers!!! any other way. The music comes across as a nice mix between old-school hardcore and today's punk. All done lo-fi."
- Music Emissions



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