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virus135 ZENI GEVA
Desire For Agony
virus135 (1993) CD - $11.00
Debut A.T. full length from the infamous noisecore trio- featuring KK Null! Definitely one of the most extreme records ever in the very extreme genre of noisecore! Produced by Steve Albini, these songs are unlike any other for intensity & creativity- hide the weak sauce and pass the burl!

"Sharp, heavy and angular guitar riffs in a thrash-metal style tear through booming rhythms like Godzilla's teeth ripping into human flesh. Parting the mosh like a sharks fin, engineer Steve Albini, the pencil necked Prince of Noise, Has emblazoned the disc with his abrasive. balls-to-the-wall production technique. Vocalist Kazuyuki K. Null expresses himself through sinister retching growls, alternating Japanese with a little English and a lot of grunting, making lyrics hard to decipher. Then again, with titles like, "Autopsy Love," it's clear he ain't singing about a cute car named fuzzy. Highlights include "Dead Sun," an apocalyptic chant with cool tempo changes, monster riffing and a huge backbeat; "Love Bite" and "Autopsy Love" redefine sappy love songs by creating music that tears the heart from the body."
- Shanker

"Harsh, extreme sounds. Null's vocals are often incomprehensible, but you can tell he's pissed off as all hell and this trio exhorts enough rage to back up the exclamations. Pounding, doomy and heavy, incorporating elements of early Swans, Voivod, Jesus Lizard and Big Black into one ugly, yet enticingly power sound-mass. A little agony goes a long way."
- Suburban Voice

"Japan's answer to Swans, this is a heavy-as-fuck, grim industro-metal project from KK Null, now best known for exploring more experimental territories, with Mr. Abrasive himself, Steve Albini, on production duties."
- Rock-A-Rolla



1. "Stigma" (2:36)
listen to "Stigma"   MP3 (2.4 MB)
2. "Dead Sun Rising" (3:04)
3. "Desire For Agony" (2:42)
4. "Heathen Blood" (5:35)
listen to "Heathen Blood"   MP3 (5.1 MB)
5. "Disgraceland" (3:45)
6. "Whiteout" (5:50)
7. "Love Bite" (4:07)
listen to "Love Bite"   MP3 (3.8 MB)
8. "Autopsy Love" (3:28)
9. "The Body" (7:16)
listen to "The Body"   MP3 (6.7 MB)

Zeni Geva

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