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Spaceheater / Perfect Interior
cbr051 (2007) CD - $10.00
Husband and wife duo The Goslings are masters of forcefully combining disparate elements into a sometimes ethreal, more often crushing grab bag of audio nourishment. Cohesiveness isn't a big part of their bag, but they more than make up for it in pure experimentation, moving between musical styles effortlessly. These two EPs were originally released in tiny batches of 50 copies each, so now's your chance if you were one of the 6 billion to miss the boat the first time around!!

"Thank whatever god/deity or spiritual being you might believe in, thank them things for Crucial Blast. Not only is Crucial Blast one fo the premier PowerViolence/Grind/fucked-up hardcore labels on the planet, they do re-issues like very few can. In this installment of the genius re-issue is the Goslings' Spaceheater/Perfect Interior. For those of us not circulating in the noise/drone world all the time the 50 copy CDR and tape (OK, not true I buy some of that stuff too) we had no chance in hell of getting those CDR short of paying 70$ for them on eBay (yes, I am looking at you Fred). Just to be clear: I ain't paying 70$ for a fucking CDR, no matter who it is. Crucial Blast comes in and re-releases those two on a single CD for me to drool. Those CDRs were simply essential in my view to understand the Goslings and everything that they do. I mean it has a bit of everything they create with a cohesiveness that is sometimes fleeting in the subsequent releases. Spaceheater is freaking loud, the whole track is earth shaking stuff that will have your sphincter get loosy-goosy. This is the kind of drone that has me salivating. Truly, a work of incredible depth: the sound collages, acoustic influences and everything in between is something truly captivating. The Goslings aren't the most prolific noise/experimental artists but those two sure warranted to be heard by a lot more people than it was the case before. I cannot recommend this record more than I did but to make everything crystal clear: BUY IT." -Indyworkshop


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