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virus376 GREG PALAST
Live From The Armed Madhouse
virus376 (2007) CD - $12.00
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Greg Palast, NY Times bestselling author and award-winning investigative journalist, has spent the last 30 years getting the goods on the corporate con men, political hucksters, and "free-trade" gurus who would auction off your children's future to the lowest bidder.

"Live from the Armed Madhouse," his timely follow-up to Weapon of Mass Instruction, is Palast's most provocative and caustically funny yet!

Armed with over fifty classified documents, confidential memos, and secret plans liberated from the Pentagon, FBI, World Bank, and ExxonMobil, Palast cuts through the TV news baby-talk. It was Palast, for BBC TV, who first uncovered how Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris stole Election 2000. Harris calls him "twisted," and here's the new twist revealed in this CD: Palast tells you that Kerry won in 2004 and 2008 is already fixed. Palast's reports have been exiled from America to British Broadcasting Corporation's top current affairs show, Newsnight, and England's Guardian newspapers. This speech was recorded in 2006 at the Fletcher Lounge, University of Tampa.

Also included are 2 re-mixes of Palast's words (also featuring George W. Bush & Jello Biafra, among others) by Funkspace ("Mr. Beale, Meet Mr. Palast") and Zen Rock Garden ("Busted And Bloody"). You can grab the paperback edition of his best-seller of the same name here. Spoken word and pointed, upbeat, political music never sounded so good together!

"Funny, honest, provocative declamations from "The Sid Vicious of Journalism."
- Vale, Re/Search

"Before anyone gets the idea that Greg Palast is some punk rock legend signed to Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label, think again. Greg Palast is actually an investigative journalist working out of London for outlets such as the BBC and The Observer. He is an American, but his disturbingly revealing reportage on the US election shenanigans has relegated him to the self-appointed status of 'reporting in exile.'"
- Pop Matters

"This is quite possibly the greatest and most important spoken-word album Alternative Tentacles has ever released. Since the Jello Biafra-founded label is home to some of the finest political commentary ever recorded (having catalogued the most pressing and pointed works of esteemed American linguist and theorist Noam Chomsky, begrudging historian Howard Zinn, award-winning author and lecturer Michael Parenti, and, of course, hours and hours of Biafra's own fiery opposition), that is truly saying something, no hyperbole. In all that history, no one has nailed together such a razor-sharp combination of personally researched, pinpoint fact-declaration and compelling, common-sense storytelling presentation without resorting to what naysayers refer to as badgering, know-it-allism, or conceit. You can tell the guy works for the media with his level of poise and public speaking skill. And, in this rare case, it's not a bad thing."
- Tiny Mix Tapes



1. "Reporting From Exile" (2:17)
2. "Yogi Berra's Investigative Journalism 101" (1:06)
3. "Dumpster Diving For Votes" (3:01)
4. "Indian Indecision Day" (2:24)
5. "Provisional Democracy" (6:52)
6. "Caged" (6:41)
7. "Ballots In Body-Bags" (2:30)
8. "A Million Conspiracy Nuts Can't Be Wrong" (2:12)
9. "I Smell Grover Norquist" (4:35)
10. "I Smell James Baker III" (3:45)
11. "Iraq And OPEC" (2:29)
12. "Saddam Does The Jerk" (1:01)
13. "Mr. 5%" (5:00)
14. "The Assassination Of Hugo Chavez" (3:08)
15. "Petro-Dollars" (2:31)
16. "'Am I Getting Through To You Mr. Beale?'" (1:30)
17. "The Chavez Challenge" (3:53)
18. "What Are We Going To Do About It?" (5:48)
19. "'Mr. Beale, Meet Mr. Palast'" (5:10)
20. "Busted & Bloody" (3:41)

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