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Invisible "Liftee" Pad/Gap-Tooth Clown
virus195 (1997) CD - $12.00
Bluesy guitar-driven groove merchants originally from Philly and Delaware with a re-release of two impossible-to-find self-released CD EPs. An aural assault that packs infectious blues rhythm with raw, crunchy and abrasive rock'n'roll. As an extra-special treat, the vinyl version will be enclosed in a limited addition, hand silk-screened jacket created by Marcus himself.

"Quantum Mechanics holds the tenuous possibility of alternate realities, with black holes and worm holes forming links between dimensions, to be true. Quantum Mechanics, then, is the only explanation for Zen Guerrilla. Marcus Durant is the travelling name of Robert Plant, a transplanted Brit for such a dimension, weaned on bluegrass and hillbilly music, travelling through the American backwaters in search of Elvis' ghost, at the same time the kissin' cousins of the Dead Kennedys were busy getting' punch drunk on that toxic swamp water they brew way back in them hills. The two parties have hitched together in one of those old souped up '36 Ford mudbuggies to storm the countryside, terrorize the locals and burn down the barns. Zen Guerrilla show more excitement and barely controlled chaos in simply running through a standard chord progression than most bands at their most inspired, like a rattlesnake running through the veins. Except these are city boys from Philly kicking it in the streets with a mean, mean beat, knocking back the motor oil to power their high-flyin' sci-fi fantasy beast called rock'n'roll.
Whip out that pint. Under 21'ers, whip out that bottle of Jolt you keep stashed in your sock and take a good long slug. And another. Good. Once more, it won't kill ya. Now put on the new platter by Zen Guerrilla- "Invisible 'Liftee' Pad/Gap-Tooth Clown" - and dance your brains out with drunken abandon. Zen Guerrillaare high-octane blues, not recommend for the sedate. Taken in the proper dosage, this raucous but tradition-minded body slamming blues band of blazing-guitar rock exemplifies what wired rock 'n roll should be. But overexposure can have an unpleasant side effect, something on the order of what the Dead Kennedys did to me in the mid '80s - just ask my mother. Don't get me wrong, Zen Guerrillais not your average psyched-out-blues-art-rock band on high speed. They have to much style/class to get lost into any category like that one. After relocating - ex-Philly boys - to San Francisco a couple of years ago and signing with Alternative Tentacles, Zen Guerrilla re-released Invisible "Liftee" Pad/Gap-Tooth Clown. Both of these EP's where originally released independently a few years back on Insect Records. Alternative Tentacles just scraped some dust off the original recordings and re-masted them. What a nice change from the traditional Alternative Tentacles signings. At a point in time where technology seems like it might just destroy rock as we know it, it's very refreshing to come across a bad like Zen Guerrilla. They tread a line between modern punk rock and psyched-out-blues-art-rock. Try mixing some '60's psych band like The Fugs, with some Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs and an occasional Country Joe and the Fish harmonica style groove. Now throw that mess into any old Martini mixer, shake thoroughly and serve with a couple Jesus Lizard hooks and some David Yow rantings. Sound like something different? It most definitely is!"
- Edwardsville Intelligencer



1. "Chicken Scratch" (2:33)
listen to "Chicken Scratch"   MP3 (2.3 MB)
2. "Slip Knot" (3:49)
3. "Wee Wee Hours" (3:40)
listen to "Wee Wee Hours"   MP3 (3.4 MB)
4. "Dirty Jewel" (2:12)
5. "Tin Can" (3:56)
listen to "Tin Can"   MP3 (3.7 MB)
6. "Auto Pilot" (4:02)
7. "Crow" (4:05)
8. "Lipstick" (2:47)
listen to "Lipstick"   MP3 (2.6 MB)
9. "Gospel Tent" (3:28)
10. "Unusual" (6:07)
listen to "Unusual"   MP3 (5.6 MB)

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