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virus369 AKIMBO
Harshing Your Mellow
virus369 (2007) CD - $12.00
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After being out of print for years, Akimbo's debut record "Harshing Your Mellow" is finally back in print! This vicious, frantic, menacing album captures the band's intense early years before they embraced the more heavy and paced sound of 2006's Forging Steel And Laying Stone and their brand new record Navigating The Bronze.

Released in 2001 on start-up label Amalagate Records, this is the original album that got AKIMBO moving like a pissed off snow ball. All original 10 songs are here plus their scorching cover of "Vertigo" by LA punk legends Screamers, which was recorded in the same session under the mastery of Wes Weresch (C Average, Enemymine, Valis). Fans of 80's style driving punk rock take note, this is the modern album that should have been released on Alternative Tentacles back in the early years! Featuring the original Akimbo line up of Jon Weisnewski, Nat Damm, and Jared Burke Eglington, the album has all new artwork & comes in the always neat-o digipack format.

"Originally released in 2001 and back to shatter skulls. Abrasive, mind-jerking, jolting, lurching aggression. I mean, this is an attack. No other way to put it. Howling vocals, powerful guitar and bass licks and the drums bashing things around pretty well. Akimbo's music has a hardcore intensity but uses it as a base for something more expansive- and achieves that without any air of pretentiousness. Nor subtlety either. None whatsoever!"
- Maximumrocknroll

"Noisy and chaotic with screamed, raging vocals and in-your-face musicianship... Reminds me of something of a mix between Kiss It Goodbye and The Jesus Lizard!"
- Profane Existence



1. "Paul Reubens Theater" (2:23)
listen to "Paul Reubens Theater"   MP3 (640.0 kB)
2. "Lick The Knife" (2:21)
3. "When I Am King I Will Spit On The Corpse of Ray Manzarek" (2:14)
4. "Sense Of Smell" (1:29)
listen to "Sense Of Smell"   MP3 (1.4 MB)
5. "Life In The Noose" (2:55)
6. "Steal Your First Born" (2:15)
listen to "Steal Your First Born"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
7. "The Sound Is Dead" (3:11)
8. "Confessions Of A Small Scale Martyr" (1:21)
9. "Fuck Everett, Fuck Tacoma" (2:10)
10. "I Wish I Could Come Back To Life So I Could Kill You Again" (2:21)
11. "Pink Bathwater" (2:59)
listen to "Pink Bathwater"   MP3 (2.7 MB)
12. "Vertigo (Screamers cover)" (1:36)

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