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Headache Remedy
virus138 (1994) Cassette - $8.00 | CD - out of print | LP - out of print

15 new examples of this Petaluma trio's unique brand of groove-thrash-bad acid-punk-noise-metal-samba stylings. Musically diverse and lyrically ironic. Truly gifted, or "touched" as they sometimes say.

"Victims Family, you would imagine, is a tragic affair. Beneath its heavy metallic sounds, the band is really a bundle of anguish and rage. Just as some might relieve a hangover with more drink, Victims Family relieves the headaches of existence with raunchy noise. Headache Remedy is a cure of sorts, mocking a society that cares a little too much about Tonya, Lorena and Amy.
On the album's opening track, "Powertrip," the band represents it's purpose with seething irony: "Buying everything in your town so we can run it right into the ground/and sell you back your pain as entertainment." This line sets the stage for the onslaught of bitterness and cynicism that follows. Eluded by the proverbial white picket fence and dreams of material wealth, Victims Family wonders about the meaning of true happiness.
These concerns are surprising for a band that sound s like Monster Magnet on a more earthy trip. Headache Remedy is an intelligent expression of a particularly nihilistic world view. The album's unpleasant tone makes Victims Family point that much stronger."
- Magnet

"When Victims Family announced that they were not a band anymore two years ago, I was mad. I had just gotten into their music, I loved their hyperactive hardcore, and ever time I heard something of theirs I wanted more.
Fortunately, they came back (their breakup has now been called a "hiatus") and Headache Remedy is their more aggressive and most serious albums to date, no inside jokes anywhere. The material is as solid and as tight as dick, it's amazing what breaking up can do to a band. I loved this band back then and I love them even more now, they have improved a lot but it hasn't taken away their credibility or craving to add anguish to their material. I love music."
- Intensity

"Victims Family is back, and with a vengeance. Their new album Headache Remedy is a flagrant display of power. It's hard to believe that this is only three guys because it sounds like a cross between Primus and Rush and that makes six guys. Headache Remedy rips through 15 ass-kicking songs filled with the angst of the moment we live in. The lyrics are direct and to the point, like the song "Aug. 6th" with Barbara Walters on TV, asking "Why do the Japanese hate us so much? Aug. 6th." All three (Tim, Larry and Ralph) weave intricate, anarchistic rhythms that keeps this CD spinning over and over again. Alternative Tentacles really knows how to pick 'em."
- Spazz

"Victims Family has been spouting their own brand of jazz-infested noisy polemic for ten whole years. Has that made them a) radio-friendly b) bitter, c) rich? Probably none of the above. The CD opens with "Powertrip" in which you can hear the immortal line, "Welcome to the trickle-down economic golden shower." Vivid, no? Wait, there's much, much more. The tone on this CD is decidedly acid - all that paying attention to the news has made VF quite ironic. They thank labelmate Jello Biafra prominently on the cover - it's not difficult to hear why. Examining societies dirty secrets to the tune of a Makita planer is something JB would enjoy, I'm certain. I think I met Victims Family about six years ago - they sold me a T-shirt. I remember their wise-ass banter more than their set."
- Trash

"After countless rumors of this band breaking up, it's nice to have a new LP to get me by until the rumor mill is fired up again. I believe this is the fifth full length album under their belt and a bit of a difference from their past LP's. Victims Family seems to of acquired a smoother, cleaner more flowing sound. It is definitely a must have for the true Victims Family fans. But for those of you that are not very familiar with the Family this album will seem the best of them all. It's the 90's and all reputable punk bands seem to be putting out slick albums with slightly different sounds."
- Discourse

"Headache Remedy marks the triumphant return of perhaps the greatest trio that the underground has ever known: Victims Family. I remember their first three releases and how I was by their musical prowess. It was their third album White Bread Blues, that shook me free of all preconceptions. I never thought they could top it and nearly two years later they released their fourth LP The Germ.
I had heard rumors of a break-up which saddened me to no end. Fortunately that's just what they were - rumors. I'd promoted a show with them about four years ago while they were on the road with Seattle's Coffin Break. Both bands blew me away but it was Victims Family who stole the show.
As with all their albums, Headache Remedy is a medley of social satire and sarcasm. If Woody Allen movies were set to punk and jazz, Victims Family would be the only one qualified to pen the score. Forget boring bands like Primus who musically jack themselves and their audience off, the Family fuck you with their mental penis. Song titles such as "Proud To Be Ignorant" should give you just a hint.
Musically they are again the incredible and unparalleled. Well, maybe on a good day Nomeansno would stand a chance but it would have to be 110 degrees in Vancouver and that don't happen to often. It's very rare that a band like Victims Family comes along. It's even a rarer occurrence when they go largely unnoticed for such a period of time. Sheer brilliance; kudos, boys. Take a bow and smile for the camera."
- Ink



1. "Powertrip" (4:45)
2. "Maybe If I..." (2:49)
3. "I'm So Lost" (2:00)
4. "Zoo" (3:02)
5. "Ugly Thing" (4:28)
6. "August 6th" (1:53)
7. "White Picket Fence" (3:53)
8. "Yeah!" (2:05)
9. "Product" (2:42)
10. "Indestructible" (3:21)
11. "Proud To Be Ignorant" (1:36)
12. "Me Vs. Everything" (2:16)
13. "Suicide Tag" (3:43)
14. "Griselda, The Cable Lady" (2:02)
15. "Nopalitos" (3:34)

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