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In The Grip Of Official Treason
virus370 (2006) 3xCD - $17.00
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With Iraq gone to hell in a handbasket, Rome falling at home, and the so-called opposition party searching for a spine, it's high time for Jello Biafra and his merry mouth to tip the cow and set the barn on fire. As always, Jello whacks the moles wherever he finds them in spoken word extravaganza #8, in a beautiful triple cd digipack. Buried Iraq facts, vote fraud disease, the Arnold putsch, the blue state/red state "values" myth, Paris in Abu Ghraib, Satanic Santas, a visit to New Orleans and the return of a strange geometry teacher are all part of the info-tainment stew.

Other highlights of In the Grip of Official Treason include an expanded version of the Ministry song "Ass Clown" from their latest album Rio Grande Blood- Ministry are, of course half of Lard. Also, check out the all-new update of the Gulf War I primal scream classic "Die for Oil, Sucker." Includes all new art by Winston Smith, links to great information, photos by Jello Biafra, and another soon-to-be-classic black and white collage by Jello Biafra.

Sorry, no vinyl version of this will be pressed.

"Worst Album of the Month"
- Vice

"In The Grip Of official treason is Jello Biafra's eighth spoken word album, spread across three cds, each running 70 minutes plus. Taking material from 2004 and up to summer 2006. As expected, it's rebel rousing, political acidity and often funny rant and rave, dealing for the most part with the George W. Bush administration- but it does touch down in other topics, though more often it does feels tied to Bush battering...
A very though provoking, angry and often funny spoken word cd that rarely drags though it's well over three hours... [This] show[s] Biafra still has the same fire in his gut as back in the days of the Dead Kennedys. [It] makes one feel it would be great to see him back in the full time musically reins blowing pop punk clearly of the planet- getting back to what punk was meant to be about!"
- Musique Machine

"Across Official Treason's four hours of material, Biafra riffs on everything from junk mail to FEMA; corporate greed to the loss of privacy; the war in Iraq to election fraud; and corruption all around. He skewers not just republicans or ultra-conservatives, but all politicians and bureaucrats who deserve it. Biafra delivers incisive, aggressive analysis that'll make you laugh; he's part stand-up, part preacher, part activist, and part protester. This guy is more pissed off, more knowledgeable, and more articulate about what's going on in the world today than anyone you're likely to hear. His biggest message? Go out and vote for someone you believe in. If you want to learn about the often-unseen human forces and alliances that shape our world, here's an excellent place to start."
- Zero Magazine

"A three CD rant extravaganza from one of the icons (good or bad) of punk. Stuff like this is needed more than ever as this nation descends into pure rightwing madness and lefty inaction. This is a collection of material done betwen 2004 & 2006. Well done enough that even at 3 full CD's, it doesn't get to be too much Jello, most of the time. Due to the politcal nature of this zine and people involved with P.E., a lot of this is preaching to converted, but still vital as he updates and cranks up the words of his first Gulf War epic, "Die For Oil, Sucker." Whatever you personally think of him, it's really good to hear Jello sticking to his guns and speaking out in these troubled times!"
- Profane Existence

"After all these years and at this awfully nervous moment in history it's also a good time to consider Biafra's new spoken word collection, a seriously timely 210-plus minutes of sardonic, smart, and occasionally funny political commentary. When he exited the DKs, Biafra drifted away from music as the principal vehicle for his wit and insight. Although he never moved far from punk, his work today seems to follow in the footsteps of social critics such as Paul Krassner.
On 'Grip,' which consists of live material from various performances, Biafra offers uncommon observations about common household pests such as George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the wars on Iraq and on terror, and other familiar American vulgarities. Careening through a club while the Dead Kennedys were playing doesn't, in most respects, share much with sitting down and listening to Biafra tear into the fabric of imperial America. What hasn't changed, however, are the drive and acerbic wit that Biafra brings to the stage then and now."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian



A-1. "Fat Mike Speaks" (2:15)
A-2. "Punk Voter Battle Cry" (24:15)
A-3. "Die For Oil, Sucker (T.W.O.T. addition)" (7:40)
A-4. "Ass Clowns In Toyland In The Grip Of Official Treason - Psalm 1" (5:57)
A-5. "Junk Mail From Hell" (2:15)
A-6. "Der Gropenfuehrer Puetsch" (9:40)
A-7. "And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Cash" (4:41)
A-8. "Brown Lipstick Voodoo Ritual" (6:02)
A-9. "Forgotten Recent History Lessons" (11:52)
A-10. "Votes Disappear Like Magic" (4:25)
B-1. "Your Child Left Behind" (9:42)
B-2. "The Faux FEMA Follies" (8:55)
B-3. "Witness For The Persecution" (4:31)
B-4. "Holiday In Guantanamo" (11:20)
B-5. "Weapons Of Mass Distraction" (15:20)
B-6. "Mr. Hat's Mr. Hat" (11:28)
B-7. "Go Down On Me, Moses" (13:54)
C-1. "The Lord Is My Sheep" (2:12)
C-2. "The Last Big Gulp" (8:42)
C-3. "The Terror Of Tinytown's Big Adventure" (3:02)
C-4. "Iraqnophobia" (13:15)
C-5. "The Curse Of The Wolfman" (7:11)
C-6. "Bloodbath and Beyond" (3:29)
C-7. "Pirates Of The Reconstruction" (9:49)
C-8. "The Flute and the Cobra" (5:36)
C-9. "And All I Got Were These Lousy Freedom Fries" (13:49)
C-10. "The Simplest Way Out Is Out" (3:28)
C-11. "Red State / Blue State Statik Attak" (2:45)
C-12. "American Idle" (5:33)

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