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Dead Mountain Mouth
cbr053 (2006) CD - $10.00
Following their debut EP on Crucial Blast, here's the full-length from Poughkeepsie, NY's 3-piece Genghis Tron, a masterfully complex union of eclectic grind, beat driven electronica, and imaginative speedcore (if that's a hard description to swallow, try genre-defying flowing brutality). Characterized by psychotic tempo changes and surprisingly cohesive genre-meandering, these ten tracks are sure to send your brain synapses into a lysergic feeding frenzy. What makes Genghis Tron a great band is the fact that despite the disparate mishmash of musical styles and influences, the music works; the discordance is somehow held together throughout the album. Check it out!

When I was first introduced To Genghis Tron, It was described to me as "horse the band" on steroids and copious amounts of speed. While this comparison did make me check them out, it was not the reason I continued listening. Genghis Tron takes you on a journey up their mountain with 10 tracks of what some people would call a soundtrack to a psychedelic trip, because it is impossible to accurately define them as a band. Listening to this album was almost like playing an old super Mario game, each track is like a different level with its own complex traps that pull you in and pump adrenaline through your veins making you fight with everything you have to make it to the next level. The chaotic sounds of Cloak of Love have been tamed by the boys, and out has spiraled a deadly beast that has blurred the genre lines even further to a point where they have become visionaries paving a path for a new genre in music. The thing that separates Genghis Tron from any other band is that they have made a sound all their own, and while some bands may already be trying to emulate the sounds, they cannot come anywhere near the actual complexity that underlies these tracks. The two songs that stood out the most on this album were of course the title track "Dead Mountain Mouth" which has some sort of keyboard progression halfway through that blew me away. I don't even know the proper term for what that was so I'll just call it amazing. The other track was "Warm Woods" which really stood out due to the beautifully crafted ambient feeling that the song gives you, which is interspliced with a few seconds of grinding guitars that create their own beat amidst the eerie sounds before running a full out assault on your ear drums. Yet as quickly as the beast came from the woods to terrorize you, it descends back down and the catchy synths that Genghis Tron is known for emerge to make you nod your head and wonder if what you heard was all just your mind having flashbacks to the worst trip of your life. This bands imagination clearly shows no bounds and seeing the progression the band has undergone in such a short amount of time leaves me in a daze wondering just how far the band will come in the years ahead. Innovation is key in a land where anyone can pick up a guitar and start a band, and Genghis Tron are the gatekeepers. (-Skyline Press)


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