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Technicolour Mother
virus362 (2006) CD - $12.00
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TMODM is a damn hard band to pigeonhole. 70's rock is a good starting point, but in terms of originality and innovation, they surpass many from the period. These 11 cuts showcase their ability to transcend genres and styles, melding it all into a tripped-out fusion of all that is right in rock! Contemporaries such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Turbonegro come to mind. Crunching guitar feedback paired with pounding drums and stellar vocals make this an other worldy extravaganza.

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"Enormously heavy hard rock that blends fat chunks of metal, and bone crushing weight ala the Melvins with some of the scorched glam racket of T-Rex at their most overloaded. They are also capable of more subtle psychoactivated actions and interactions."
- Dream Magazine

"Less than subtle hints of glam greats (some Bolan, Sweet, Bowie and the rest) all in there. Then they took some Smashing Pumpkins and took out the lyrics and used a Jane's Addiction song. Borrowed a few Walt Mink riffs and a little Hedwig and for an added kick, a little Melvins riff or two and yes, the singer Mykll Ziggy plays guitar as well. They are sure to be superstars by the next CD so get this now before they get too famous."
- The Rise and The Fall

"Turn Me on Dead Man has released its second CD, "Technicolor Mother," which... sounds like total f'ing godhead. As pleasing as their first CD was, this new record is a step in the right direction as it ups the ante in terms of heaviness, songwriting and execution.
Despite less-than-stellar CD packaging... and cheesy song titles such as "Cyclops (Dedicated to the One Eye Love)," Turn Me On Dead Man's music is nothing short of stupendous with its driving and relentless sludge fest that is part early-Sub Pop and part Black Sabbath at their most devastating and creative.
Turn Me on Dead Man gets downright trippy on "Wonder Mint" which continues the band's fascination with Beatles' "Revolver"-era fusion of classical Indian music and rock and roll. The result is a dynamic blend of world music that sounds like Ravi Shankar played through huge Marshall amps backed by Jane's Addiction.
While Turn Me on Dead Man remains San Francisco's best-kept-secret, Alternative Tentacles is set to right that wrong by reissuing the CD this fall, which is bound to turn on a generation of stoner slackers who worship Comets on Fire and those who remember how good JA were before they jumped the shark.
It's only matter a time before a band of Turn Me on Dead Man's caliber has a big impact; the only question is whether the band's ascent will start out with them becoming indie cult favorites or whether they will pass go and make the massive leap straight to the majors. Either way, music this good shouldn't go unheard."



1. "Child In The Sunburst Pyramid" (1:20)
listen to "Child In The Sunburst Pyramid"   MP3 (1.2 MB)
2. "67 Dreams" (3:51)
3. "Cyclops (Dedicated To The One Eye Love)" (5:30)
4. "La Creatures D'amour" (3:26)
5. "Pharmaceutical Rainbows" (7:14)
6. "Wonder Mint" (3:53)
7. "Galaxina" (3:03)
8. "Her Planet Is Love" (5:49)
9. "El Schizo" (4:13)
10. "Goodbye Earth" (1:28)
11. "Spiral Marilyn" (5:20)
12. "Blank" (2:00)
13. "Untitled" (2:41)

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Turn Me On Dead Man

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