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virus365 THE HEADS
Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive
virus365 (2006) CD - $12.00
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England's The Heads have long been considered the lysergic gold standard of the stoner/space rock, psych and garage universe by those in the know. More Fun House and Hawkwind than Zeppelin, think early Mudhoney but way further off the deep end, blasting off on a hypno-space jam trajectory, without losing track of the songs or that perfect, deadly riff. Check it out! On this, their fifth album, the Heads stretch out with a bit harder edge than the last outing or two, while remaining the supreme masters of all things wah-wah. An unhealthy obsession with Kraut-rock rears its "head" as well. This was briefly self-released until we snatched up the band earlier this year.

You'll rock the Radness every day with this future classic!

"The Heads are living proof that Jello Biafra's music business leviathan has not strayed from the path of imposing indie-rock ears to music that takes them to the violent, white hot fringes and back again. 'Under the Stress' is a beautifully designed and packaged release that when set free from the speakers pounds the listener to the floor with their amalgamation of psychadeligrunge freakout, hip noise and classic punk rock confrontation. Their as if The Stooges were reinterpreted by eccentric, upper-class Oxford dropouts. Mudhoney from the basement of a meth lab.
This nineteen song disc comes free with a side of unpredictable abandon ranging from menacing to ethereal. Song lengths range from seconds-long trippy instrumentals and studio tweeking ('Cloud' and 'Undersided/Dedisrednu') to straightforward cum warped rock songs ('Return of the Bemmie') and ending with two searing anti-epics, the longest nearly twenty minutes. Alternative Tentacles still knows how to churn out the impressively abusive tunes. Fortunately for them the masochists know just where to look, but it never felt so right for others to peep."
- Jersey Beat

"Jello Biafra really scored when he picked up the rights to release The Heads' fifth "actual" album in North America. It's obvious almost immediately that this Bristol quartet is among the most skilled talent ever to be released by Alternative Tentacles. Having perfected their lysergic garage rock since the early '90s, the feedback spaces The Heads create, often frequented by bongos and sci-fi sounds, are easily on par with Acid Mothers Temple or anything comparable from the '60s and '70s. While the rest of the planet is producing Franz Ferdinand dance-punk clones, these guys have been quietly helping to bring back something worthwhile. Finally, a stoner jam band with balls has returned to teach us how to rock again. I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the lyrics, as I was too busy headbanging slightly out of time, but I'm sure they also do the Tentacles emblem proud. I can't wait for the re-releases of their back catalogue. Nice one, Jello."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"This UK outfit blister the paint on their handmade rocket ship as they charge through the stratosphere flaming, flying, and falling. Distorted gooey hard rock mayhem that sounds like the favorite music of a biker gang of undead zombies. Big chunky shambling dinosaur rumbles of stoner rock throbbing deep into the earth as it sputs and spatters the onlookers with lava. To be fully appreciated, this must be played loudly while intoxicated."
- Dream Magazine

"My initial thought: These dudes sound like Sonic Youth on loads of PCP and downers. Super heavy guitars chugging along, raging drumming, pretty unique vocals. I'm feeling it!... I like them, try them. Watch out for skin cancer, it's bright out."
- The Rise And The Fall



1. "Earth/Sun" (6:22)
2. "Ridgeback" (2:05)
3. "Embryonic Lizard" (3:39)
4. "Interim 1" (0:31)
5. ""pass, the void"" (3:42)
6. "We Are Not Free" (1:24)
7. "Cloud" (0:56)
8. "Kang" (0:50)
9. "Return Of The Bemmie" (4:27)
10. "Assault On BS3" (1:03)
11. "Swamp Of Chutney Morgan" (3:30)
12. "EVP" (0:45)
13. "Undersided/\dedisrednu" (0:17)
14. "Your Monkey Is My Master" (1:46)
15. "We Descend From?" (4:20)
16. "Jello" (2:14)
17. "Doors To Close (Short Wave)" (2:39)
18. "Stodgy" (19:19)
19. "Creating In The Eternal Now Is Always Heavy" (14:03)

The Heads

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