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virus361 FLESHIES
Scrape The Walls
virus361 (2006) CD - $12.00 | LP - $12.00
After three long years, here's the latest record from Oakland punk-fuzz-rock-?!? faves The Fleshies!

After releasing "The Sicilian" and years of their mind-warping worldwide tour marathon, the band withdrew into drummer Brian Hamiltron's Sugar Mountain Studios to work on a new opus. Breaking away from the punk rock tradition of banging out a record in a few days, they took their damned sweet time making the most ridiculous album possible.

"Scrape The Walls" is a spirited 17-song record that successfully molests punk rock in a similar manner to how Sparks unwholesomely molested glitter rock, the Melvins mauled rock, or the Butthole Surfers maimed music in general. (Speaking of Sparks, this album includes a delightful cover of "Happy Hunting Ground" with Jello Biafra on guest vocals!)

"Scrape the Walls" bounces everywhere from somewhat sunny-dispositioned pseudo anthems to sludgy, stoner rock-esque castings, all glazed with Fleshies' inimitable sense of fuck-you humor. But honestly, no 200-word summary can neatly tie up the disorderly strands of ideas and musical chaos that is Fleshies and we wouldn't want to do them such disservice so we will just say Scrape the Walls is exactly the kind of record AT should be releasing and leave it at that!

"Woah. Now I've been into Fleshies (no 'The') for a while now, and their brand of what I'll call warehouse punk (think bands that spend most of their time playing more unusual 'venues' like abandoned warehouses, and thus come up with some really cool stuff from the total lack of trying to appeal to a typical club audience). Up until now, it had seemed like their output was getting more frantic, so I was expecting this to be some of their most rocking stuff ever. Then I put this on, and it took me a listen, but I realized that it's some of their WEIRDEST stuff ever, and it's great, it's almost what I was expecting from the new Toys That Kill record (which ended up being some of THEIR most rocking stuff). I'm still trying to figure out if there's some weird concept stuff going on here or not, but either way, this is easily in my top ten of the year, if not top five."
- Jersey Beat

"It seems almost inevitable: listen to enough punk rock for long enough and a certain amount of burnout sets in for new bands playing the same old styles. That's not to say that the stuff that's already close to your heart loses its luster, but it becomes tougher for new bands to blow you away. Then, every few years a band playing what can only be described as simple punk rock comes along and you're reminded why you love this stuff. Fleshies were such a band for me when I heard their first full length five-ish years ago. With Scrape The Walls, their third full length, they continue their catchy, messy, smart, and frantic take on resurrecting the punk-rock corpse. Thankfully, Fleshies show no signs of being anything less than awesome. Get this and have your faith restored!"
- Punk Planet

"I like the sound of this CD. It's raw and roughly recorded, and that's a good thing. The vocals are often distorted, and that reminds me a little of Toys That Kill. There is no general sound or style here. Sometimes there's fast and energetic punk rock, sometimes there's sludgy rock, and then there's "Runner's Legs," a song that sounds like it's from the 1980's. I don't usually like 80's songs, but it's my favorite track on this CD. Jello Biafra makes a guest appearance (imagine that!) on a cover of Sparks' "Happy Hunting Ground," and that's pretty entertaining."
- Go Metric



1. "Brown Viking" (0:52)
2. "Potential Outlier" (2:01)
3. "The Disadvantages of a High-Fiber Diet" (1:59)
listen to "The Disadvantages of a High-Fiber Diet"   MP3 (1.8 MB)
4. "* Half Werewolf, Half Vampire...You Are In BIG Trouble!" (2:45)
listen to "* Half Werewolf, Half Vampire...You Are In BIG Trouble!"   MP3 (2.5 MB)
5. "Your Universe" (2:35)
6. "Saturday Saints" (2:39)
7. "Agonistic Tooth" (1:41)
8. "Gay Holiday" (1:51)
listen to "Gay Holiday"   MP3 (1.7 MB)
9. "When We Were Dragons" (2:16)
10. "Whee!" (2:30)
11. "The Girl With the Chocolate Sparks vs. Dub" (1:33)
12. "Happy Hunting Ground (Sparks)" (3:19)
13. "* (Reprise)" (0:58)
14. "Runner's Legs" (2:19)
15. "* (Second Reprise)" (0:21)
16. "Battle Mountain" (2:13)
17. "Feed the Birds" (3:01)

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