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Liberty Toast
virus354 (2006) CD - $12.00
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Awesome one-two punch of political awareness and punk backbone from this incendiary Boston punk band! Punk and hardcore inspired by the likes of Econochrist, Aus Rotten, The Proletariat, Mission of Burma, and Crass. Band members have done time in other bands including Boston hardcore legends Tree. Singer J.R.'s life experience as a full-time union organizer lends his lyrics a truth and political edge that can't be bought at Hot Topic.

Produced by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day, Unsane, Converge) and featuring guest spots by Jello Biafra and DJ Molotov, this great cd also has soon-to-be-classic art by Winston Smith!

"Truthful, politically charged punk and hardcore inspired by the likes of Echonochrist, DRI, Aus Rotten and Crass. Guest appearance by Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)!!"
- SmartPunk

"With a classic political punkcore sound not unlike Aus Rotten or The Unseen, Disaster Strikes has put out a powerful, raw and straining record with more integrity than is usually expected. With guest performances by the great Jello "I Own The Label" Biafra and DJ Molotov and production by Today is the Day Frontman Steve Austin, this is a teeth-on-the-curb, awareness-pushing record with some surprisingly catchy guitar hooks and empowering breakdowns."
- Origivation

"Man, I love the lyrics to this album. Every song contains essential messages that need to be heard more now than ever. Hell, these lyrics should be taught in American public schools as opposed to the na´ve moral, economic, and military superiority that is all students get these days, as addressed in "No Chance." Naturally, Disaster Strikes tackles the major Alternative Tentacles issues, like the reality of Wal-Mart jobs, the lack of thought heading into Iraq, a call for union and general strike, pose-for-something-but-do-nothing Bono musician/celebrities, and general public disingenuousness and stereotyping, bolstered by an adaptation of Langston Hughes' poem "Ballad Of Skinner Boy" and the United Mine Workers' Constitution... Compared to what the Warped tour passes off as punk these days, Disaster Strikes is fucking legendary."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"On listening to this offer I would say it leans more towards hardcore but what the fuck punk is hardcore, hardcore is oi. Liberty Toast is brutal, very hard full of noise annoys stuff ie in your face, but excellent riffs and very up my street. Track 4 'Mission Accomplished' is the stand out with the very legend of punk Jello Biafra making himself heard! Make no bones about it there are 11 tracks of hard hitting music is served up on a plate to you, just add English tea and sugar to serve up a very distinguished bland. The politics of the band are quite apparent throughout the tracks, but of course politics are only one part of the equation- having a heart in what you believe in does sing loud. The influences of Crass, Subhumans, Black Flag, Minor Threat and Dead Kennedys leads to an excellent cd."
- Punk & Oi In the UK

"Disaster Strikes = Municiple Waste + Dead Kennedys + I Object. Liberty Toast is pissed-off, politically-charged and, overall, ***** awesome! I suppose one good effect of the George W. Bush presidency is that a lot of great music is being created (much like during the Reagan era) as a reaction to his stupidity. If you like your punk punched full of politics without sounding preachy, this is a band for you."
- Slug

"It's like something TSOL or the Dead Kennedys would've done. It seems like a good sign since - thanks/no thanks to Blink-182-punk rock has been about girls"
- Philadelphia Weekly

"This is punk/hardcore/metal(?) with a message, man. They sing/scream about exploitative labor practices, corporate sponsorships, apathy of hipster punk poses, the educational system, and more. Sounds pretty exciting, right? If you like angry/aggressive music and you're into politics, this will be right up your alley. It's not up my alley, but I do like the cover art (by Winston Smith). Oh, I almost forgot...! Jello Biafra makes a guest appearance on one song ("Mission Accomplished"), and that's the only thing I really found interesting on this CD. Hooray for Jello!"
- Go Metric



1. "The High Cost of Happy Faces" (1:58)
2. "Battles Lost" (2:35)
3. "Paralyzed" (2:33)
4. "Mission Accomplished" (3:05)
5. "Ballad of the Sinner Boy" (2:50)
6. "Face in the Crowd" (2:44)
7. "Nothing to Say" (1:45)
8. "General Strike" (2:00)
9. "No Chance" (3:16)
10. "It Can't Happen Here" (4:15)
11. "Scapegoat" (4:44)

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