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virus355 (2006) Double DVD - $18.00 - temp. unavailable
Available for rental from Netflix!

At last, a stunning double DVD set of one of the most seminal live bands of recent years. The power and presence of 16 Horsepower onstage are captured beautifully, as close to "you had to have been there" as the medium will allow.

Disc one is a multi-camera shoot for Belgian television in 2002. Many Secret South and Folklore songs are here, performed by a five-piece lineup including John Rumley, on loan from Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Disc two features an early three-piece lineup live in Germany in 1996 post-Sackcloth And Ashes, plus rehearsal footage from Denver, impressions from their last US tour, and finally what would turn out to be their last concert ever in Antwerp, Belgium on July 17, 2004.

In the US, 16 Horsepower Live DVD has only been available as an import on Glitterhouse Records from Germany. Now, it's available as a domestic US release on Alternative Tentacles (available in all territories except Europe). In many ways, the granddaddy of Denver's world-renowned alt country/folk/roots scene, 16 Horsepower broke first and went further than any of the stellar Denver bands so far, before officially dissolving early 2005.

With no Marshall stacks to be found, 16 Horsepower used mainly acoustic and antique instruments to whip up some of the most powerful, atmospheric and emotional music any band ever made. Lead vocalist and mainspring David Eugene Edwards' sheer presence commands any room, from local tavern to large European concert hall, without ever leaving his stool—using banjo bandoneon, and painslide guitar in ways no one else ever tried before.

This beautiful 2-dvd package includes a delicately designed 12-page booklet. The footage is multi-camera and includes intimate rehearsal footage, informal band reflections, and live performances from the following concerts:
Rockpalast Grughalle, Essen, Germany 11/15/96
Cirque Royal, Brussels, Belgium 11/19/02
Rivierenhof, Antwerp, Belgium 7/17/04

Previously available as an import from Glitterhouse in Germany, this is available to everyone except for wholesalers in Europe from AT! All-Region-Compatible, this is a fantastic re-release from Alternative Tentacles!

"...Contains a cross-section from the six studio-albums filled with peerless melodies, subtle banjo playing, slide guitar and bandoneon and heavy lyrics about sin, redemption, good and evil. Especially suited for lovers of neo-country, religious-folk and raw blues. Edwards' edifying message and stirrings of the heart and soul hit home harder because of the friendly tone and the rather modest character."
- OOR Magazine



1. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Hutterite Mile" (4:12)
2. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Outlaw Song" (4:43)
3. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - For Heaven's Sake" (5:05)
4. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Black Bush" (3:39)
5. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Beyond The Pale" (3:56)
6. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Alone And Forsaken" (2:55)
7. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Sinnerman" (3:35)
8. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Blessed Persistence" (4:29)
9. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Clogger" (3:46)
10. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Single Girl" (2:32)
11. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Black Soul Choir / Phyllis Ann" (5:47)
12. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Flutter" (3:48)
13. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Splinters" (6:27)
14. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Brimstone Rock" (6:24)
15. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Sac Of Religion" (3:20)
16. "Disc One - Les Nuits Botanique - Horsehead Fiddle" (6:05)
17. "Disc Two - Rockpalast 1996 - Black Soul Choir" (4:38)
18. "Disc Two - Rockpalast 1996 - Haw" (4:41)
19. "Disc Two - Rockpalast 1996 - American Wheeze" (4:25)
20. "Disc Two - Rockpalast 1996 - Redneck Reel" (3:20)
21. "Disc Two - Rockpalast 1996 - Strong Man" (6:13)
22. "Disc Two - The Last Show - Getting On Stage" (3:28)
23. "Disc Two - The Last Show - Flutter" (4:18)
24. "Disc Two - The Last Show - American Wheeze" (3:54)
25. "Disc Two - The Last Show - Harm's Way" (4:04)
26. "Disc Two - The Last Show - Splinters" (6:20)
27. "Disc Two - The Last Show - Heart And Soul" (7:24)
28. "Disc Two - Splintered Tour Impression" (6:13)
29. "Disc Two - Rehearsal" (7:17)

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