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virus158 ULTRA BIDé
Kill Me Tender
virus158 (1995) 7" - $3.00 | CDEP - $5.00
Pile-driving Japanese noise/pop experimentation in the vein of Boredoms and other such Japanese cult faves crossed with Sabbath or something... rocks SOLID. All the humility, twice the caffeine.

"Four or five songs, screams, tempos differing by about 70bpm, guitar, bass, undecipherable vocals, sousaphone, keyboard, samples and a lot of badassedness (Did I spell that right mom?) Reminds me of Yona Kit with its sheer disregard for the prevailing schools if trichordal or Zeppelinesque song structures, but I will draw one simile: The singer does have as much oral mucous as AC/DC's Brian Johnson. Don't just listen to it because it's Japanese, but because it's highly recommended."
- Insight

"Asian art-punk with a stripe of Big Black down the middle. A scaly AT product with an Amphetamine Reptile underbelly. If Unsane bore witness to fewer gory death videos, Ultra Bide could have been the result. Sick post-punk experimentation going on here."
- City Revolt



1. "Kill Me Tender" (3:16)
2. "Let's Go To War" (4:17)
3. "La Lee Lou Ley Lo" (2:57)

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Ultra Bidé

Ultra Bidé

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