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Rulers of the Planet
virus351 (2006) DVD - $20.00
Only available digitally! iTunes Spotify & Last FM

Rulers of the Planet features two complete talks on DVD and one complete talk on audio CD from author and professor Michael Parenti. Parenti presents a truly entertaining and in-depth history of the U.S. government's tendency towards Empire from the 1800's through today's Middle Eastern entanglements.

The DVD features Against Empire (live in Bend, Oregon in late 2004 with bonus Q&A session) and the audio CD offers Democracy Versus U.S.World Domination (live in Los Angeles,CA in late 2003).The bonus talk on the DVD is his humorous and fascinating tale of How I Became an Activist for Social Justice (live in Berkeley,California in 2003). Also included is an 8-page booklet which includes a lengthy and absorbing excerpt from his 1995 book "Against Empire" and a lengthy bibliography of Parenti's work.

This cd/dvd is All Region Compatible!

Michael Parenti received his political science from Yale University. He is an award winning author and activist who has published some 250 articles and 20 books,including: Superpatriotism (2004), The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2003), The Culture Struggle (2006), and most recently, Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader (2007).Various works of his have been translated into some twenty languages. He lectures frequently in North America and abroad,and has appeared on many radio and television talk shows.

He is the father of acclaimed writer and reporter Christian Parenti, whose 'Taking Liberties: Prisons, Policing and Surveillance in an Age of Crisis' was released by Alternative Tentacles in 2003!

"Widely published author and acclaimed historian Michael Parenti offers in-depth and entertaining insight into the United States' government's unnerving tendency towards Empire in this release comprised of three complete lectures on the pressing topic. From the 1800s to the quagmire in the Middle East that defined the millennial crossover, the events and political leanings addressed in Parenti's talks highlight what the Culture Struggle author and leftist speaker views as a troubling trend towards cultural hegemony."
- All Movie Guide

"Micahel Parenti is a towering prophetic voice in American life. We need him now more than ever."
- Cornel West

"A prolific author, a charismatic speaker, and a regular guest on radio and television talk shows, Parenti communicates his message in an accessible, provocative, and historically, informed style that is unrivaled among fellow progressive activists and thinkers."
- Aurora On-Line

"This triple dose of "off the cuff" radical thinker Michael Parenti does as much to show the compromises of the lecture format as much as showcase the subject's ideas, though those ideas are pressing enough to make you forgive a certain amount of redundancy. The double-disc offers three of Parenti's speaking engagements: disc one contains video of "Against Empire," in which he takes aim at the imperialist logic that drives American foreign policy, and the bonus talk of "How I Became an Activist for Social Justice," in which he relates the "synthetic" means by which he and others built their radical identities. The former is a basic primer in ideas that most of the target audience probably already knows: the empire is constantly calling itself peaceful while waging war, pretends that its mission was thrust upon it while actively pursuing it and that its ultimate motive is not people but profit. If it's not exactly news, it's still a bracing and well-organised return to the well, and Parenti does his best to keep things witty and well paced... It's sure to whet your appetite for the speaker's presumably more in-depth print works."
- Exclaim!

"Parenti speaks gently, easily slipping into humorous self-deprecation and emerging from anecdotes into a deft, serious political dissection of United States foreign policy. He is more animated than he originally appears: his oratory style is humble, informative, and never quite touches on fervor. Despite the grim, imposing portrait adorning the DVD case, Parenti is a personable speaker, never talking down to his audience or throwing bombs at opposing ideologies...
Parenti brings a keen sense of history along with his analysis of our modern state. He offers numerous examples of past offenses and doesn't limit himself to right-wing leaders. He rebukes Bill Clinton's NATO intervention in Yugoslavia, believing that Yugoslavia was attacked due to its resistance to western reform and contends that the aerial bombing and use of depleted uranium was nothing short of ruinous for the state in spite of declared intent...
Rulers of the Planet is a great package of plainly articulated arguments, response to general criticism, and informed commentary across a range of political issues through a focused lens. Zinn and Chomsky fans won't find anything groundbreaking here and may want to skip directly to Parenti's books. For those unfamiliar with Parenti, this will make a fine introduction."
- Transform Online



1. "DVD - Against Empire - Lecture" (40:24)
2. "DVD - Against Empire - Issue Responses" (21:50)
3. "DVD - How I Became An Activist For Social Change - Introduction" (2:08)
4. "DVD - How I Became... - Red Diaper As Head Start Program" (3:33)
5. "DVD - How I Became... - Ralph Nader's Father" (3:01)
6. "DVD - How I Became... - Street Kid And Dogs" (6:48)
7. "DVD - How I Became... - Dewey Wins!" (5:58)
8. "DVD - How I Became... - Boxing, Modern Dance, And Cognitive Dissonance" (4:52)
9. "DVD - How I Became... - Intellectuals, Criticism, And Vietnam" (7:54)
10. "DVD - How I Became... - Arthur Miller, Vietnam, And Long Lean Years" (8:07)
11. "DVD - How I Became... - Will Rouse Rabble For Food" (5:32)
12. "DVD - How I Became... - Reactionaries Meet Radicals" (9:22)
13. "DVD - How I Became... - Struggle And Solidarity" (4:59)
14. "Audio CD - Introduction" (2:15)
15. "Audio CD - What U.S. Leaders Don't Tell You" (8:35)
16. "Audio CD - The 'Have's Want To Have It All" (7:35)
17. "Audio CD - Reality Happens To Be Marxist" (8:34)
18. "Audio CD - Distorted Personalities" (10:15)
19. "Audio CD - Perpetual Wars" (11:34)
20. "Audio CD - Planetary Monarchy" (10:25)

Michael Parenti

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