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Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers
ar004 (1998) CD - $10.00
This second and final full-length release from this east bay punk powerhouse is loud, fast and pissed off! Perfect for riots, political upheavals and assorted felonies, join Mike Sexxx, Brady Black Cat Music, Jesse Luscious, and Julie Thorn on this manic mental jailbreak. Not only does it contain a country song about the sweetness of inebriation, it also contains short sharp shocks about vintage fetishists, lefty politics, and why you were cute but now you're ugly again.

Ex-Aborted, Blatz, Gr'ups, Pissjar, Hi-Fives, Red#9, and future Clay Wheels, Black Cat Music, and The Frisk, this features Jesse Luscious the Mail Male. Hard-to-find!

Now you can also pick up their debut Never Been Caught just reissued on Dead Broke!

"Not to be confused with the '70s New Wave/punk group Sylvain Sylvain started after leaving the New York Dolls, these Criminals are an Oakland band which combines the street-punk sensibilities of the Gilman Street set with the acrimonious politicism of their Bay Area punk ancestors Dead Kennedys. Musically, The Criminals aren't as tuneful as many of their East Bay brethren, assaulting you with a nerve-wrackingly trebly, slashing attack that always sounds like the wheels are about to fall off. The band is led by Jesse Luscious, aka Jesse Dangerous of Blatz, who's got a classic gravelly punk caterwaul. Behind him, The Criminals feature a somewhat unstable lineup that has included members of The Gr'ups, The Hi-Fives, and Black Cat Music.

The Criminals have put out a few records on Lookout: Never Been Caught and The Last Great Thing You Did in '97 and Forward 'Til Death in '99. In '99 they also released Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers on Adeline. They're a solid punk band: musically raw and rough, full of leftist vitriol, and often acerbically funny, as evidenced by the featured anti-poseur rant, "I'm Vintage Baby.""
- Epitonic

"Jesse Blatz Luscious and company are back with another example of why punk rock is still capable of ripping you a new one. Nobody sounds snottier than Jesse and with THE CRIMINALS he has a band that record after record matches his attitude and angst at every turn. The latest felony "Burning Flesh and Broken Bones" is possibly the greatest caper the band have committed to date. Anger and attitude tempered by music that is flat out FUN. Even when the lyrics are gut wrenching personal testaments the music provides a counterpoint of upbeat (albeit aggressive) hooks. Fools who think that for punk to be catchy it has to be poppy need a dose of THE CRIMINALS rammed down their throats."
- In Music We Trust

"Loud, loose, snotty punk rock/pop from an anxious band. The Criminals are raw, in-your-face, and full of genuine attitude. Beginning with the tune "The Angry Ouija Board Has Sent Us To Destroy The City of Berkeley California So Run For Your Fucking Life" (whew) and then proceeding to rip through twelve other numbers, the band never lets up. The guitars are brash buzzsaws...and the singer has a superb and convincing snarl. These tunes owe a great deal to the original punk bands of the seventies but they are infused with a definite modern anger. Loud and frantic stuff!"
- babysue magazine



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