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Audio Ransom Note
ar030 (2003) CD - $10.00
Coming at you like the unholy love child of AC/DC and TSOL, The Frisk seize the reins of rock and drive the horses of hell straight outta Berkeley. Featuring members of AFI, The Criminals, Loose Change, Blatz, The Nerve Agents, and The Gr'ups, this full-length is a little bit darker than their debut 8-song ep "Rank Restraint." A balls-out tribute to the gods of rock and roll, this is Punk Rock with an emphasis on the "Rock"! Features Jesse Luscious the Mail Male.

"What do AFI, The Nerve Agents, Loose Change, and The Criminals have in common? Two words, one band: The Frisk, whose sophomore release, AUDIO RANSOM NOTE, is a brilliant follow-up to 2001's striking RANK RESTRAINT (Adeline). The Frisk's AUDIO RANSOM NOTE is a 17-track collection of hard-hitting rock 'n' roll that is sure to captivate you slowly but surely. Take Turbonegro, The Stitches, and add a splash of '80s guitar riffs combined in a unique way and you get a 38-minute masterpiece. With tracks like "Down by the Beautiful Bay", "Small Town Myopia", "We Will", and "Bully On", it's apparent The Frisk have one goal: to make sure you rock out. And, believe me, you will! Add this CD to your Christmas list, fucker. It's a must-have!"
- Skratch Magazine

"The Frisk's second album sounds like the East Bay, California, band has been listening to a lot of early Redd Kross and Circle Jerks albums: a similar blend of snotty but entertaining humor, semi-ironic hard rock riffing, and conceptual giggles prevails here. Songs like "Meat's Meat and a Man's Gotta Eat" and the snarky but rocking "Down By the Beautiful Bay" have killer choruses, and the gleefully self-mythologizing "We Are the Frisk" is the best song of its type since "This Is Radio Clash." Best of all are the four numbered songs called "Demand," four minute-long solo tracks on which each member of the band gets to indulge his goofy experimental side, like a miniaturized version of the four Kiss solo albums. Silly but occasionally surprisingly pointed -- "Small Town Myopia" and "Survey Says" have the jaundiced edge of the early Clash -- Audio Ransom Note is entirely entertaining."
- All Music Guide

"This debut full lengther (after an earlier eight-song slab) finds them expanding their sound a bit, featuring some darker-sounding tunes among the anthemic rabble-rousers. There are admittedly a couple missteps and anyone hoping for Criminals MKII might want to adjust their expectations, but overall I daresay you won't have to get wasted on Blatz (er...) to find this to be a quality release!"
- Shredding Paper

"The Frisk are back to bringing their own brand of mayhem. This Berkley super group, featuring members of AFI, the Nerve Agents, Loose Change, and the Criminals, in some cases might not be as great as the sum of their parts, but the 17 tracks on Audio Ransom Note make for one amusing ride.

There is an admirable amount of ease with which the Frisk intertwine absurdity with the punk rock ethos. At times the album comes across as much like a commercial for themselves. As if you didn't know which disc you were spinning, track five, aptly titled "We Are the Frisk," hits you with the rhetorical question and answer: "Who are the Frisk? We are the Frisk!" As if the calling card were not enough, the album is peppered with demands from each member of the band. Immediately following "We Are the Frisk" comes the demand that we listen to the Frisk "every fucking day." The individual members of the band certainly have proven their swagger over the years, so why not let them indulge in a little rock and roll self-aggrandizing?

To make the commercials more interesting, the Frisk suddenly move from commercial to grassroots sociopolitical commentary. Once establishing who the band is and how often you should listen to them, they hit you with a song like "Survey Says;" an admonishment against TV and the state's ability to control society's thoughts. Thank goodness punk's message has not been completely watered down over the years.

The Frisk will surely appeal to fans of old Lookout! Records releases. The vocals are heavy with sneering attitude. The guitars have the signature buzz saw sound that made Berkley, California dangerous. "Sick of Psychos" dishes out the Clash inspired riffs. Also of note is the anthemic call to arms of "We Will." "Down By The Beautiful Bay" should have people pumping their fists in the air.

As noted, this album will probably elicit a response from Lookout! fans, and in particular those of the Criminals. Some may prefer each member's full time projects, but the Frisk shouldn't come across as a disappointment."



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