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Doot Doola Doot Doo... Doot Doo!
virus349 (2006) Double DVD - $20.00
Long before Ali G, there was Nardwuar The Human Serviette, a tenacious and curious little interviewer of the famous-from former USSR head Mikhail Gorbachev to Snoop Dogg to Jello Biafra! Nardwuar now opens his vault to share his interview conquests with you, the jaded consumer, on the "Doot Doola Doot Doo...Doot Doo!" 2xDVD set!

These are not your average boring Q&A talking head interviews, but totally unique slices of fearless, stimulating, info-tainment! Over 60 of them in all, including Nardwuar's MuchMusic specials Nard Wars I & 2.

He's hairy, he smells, he's unique, he's annoying, he's insightful, he's relentlessly probing: And who else could bring together Destiny's Child, Wesley Willis, and Dan Quayle on the same DVD? Nardwuar The Human Serviette! Keep On Rockin' In The Free World and Doot Doola Doot Doo ... Doot Doo!

DVD Extras Include:
* Nard Raw: An entire bonus DVD full of unseen and unedited interview footage totaling 3 hrs ! Better phone in sick for work tomorrow!
* Nardwuar vs. Nardwuar where Nardwuar himself gets interviewed! By Nardwuar! Will he get mad and storm out, or will he "get" himself?
*16 page booklet with hardly any blank ones!
*Audio commentary-it's like doubling your fun!
*Easter Eggs! Secret buttons reveal hidden treasures!
*A full video discography and live performances from Nardwuar's bands The Evaporators (featuring members of The New Pornographers) and Thee Goblins!
Disc 1: Nard Wars I & II: 2 1/2 Hrs
Disc 2: Nard Raw: Unseen Bonus Footage 3 Hrs TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 5 1/2 hrs. Such a deal!
Please Note: This DVD does NOT include *any* music by any of the artists interviewed. All Region Compatible!

"This comprehensive retrospective of Canada's number one guerrilla journalist is an awe-inspiring omnibus that proves many things about our beloved Nardwuar: he is a credited Canadian institution (check out the props by Michael Moore and David Cross on the case), an unforgettable character, an obsessive music lover and an encyclopaedia filled with an abundance of arbitrary and obscure facts. But most of all, Nardwuar is a true showman who puts his audience first by going where no other journalist dares to go. Over five hours of footage finds Nard interacting with well-known personalities whom he either rubs shoulders with or rubs the wrong way, unintentionally, I think. A nicely edited two-part MuchMusic special titled Nard Wars organises his interrogations into tidy subcategories like "Diva," "Metal" and the most entertaining one, "Danger," where our cheese cutter-clad hero is unjustly threatened by the bullying likes of Sonic Youth, Blur and Stephen Harper's bodyguards. Highlights are aplenty, but an annoyed Henry Rollins, an unruffled Ian MacKaye, the bloody Gwar (whose Oderus proclaims Nardwuar "the most annoying human I've ever met") and the chilled, yet thieving Snoop Dogg, who makes three appearances (including the 30-minute special where we see Nardwuar brought down to earth as he struggles to secure some time with the rapper), show the BC native at his best. A plethora of extras, such as uncut interviews, news/lifestyle pieces on Nardwuar and a vast assortment of music from his bands, are also available. I honestly cannot imagine living without this."
- Exclaim!

"I remember vividly the first time I stumbled across Nardwuar the Human Serviette. It was the summer of 2002, and I, like many music listeners, was just embarking on what would be an ongoing love affair with the White Stripes. I'd bought three of their records White Blood Cells, De Stijl and a bootleg of the 2001 Peel Sessions watched their buzzmaking MTV Movie Awards performance, and even seen them in concert for the first time, at Chene Park in Detroit with the Strokes opening. At that time I also frequented White, an obsessively detailed fansite and message board which regularly posts interview and live performance downloads for obsessively detailed fan dissection. It was on this page where I found an audio interview with the Stripes by some oddball Canadian who called himself "Nardwuar"...and as I listened, I realized that this interview was quite possibly the most surreal exchange I had ever heard.
You have to realize, too, that I wasn't even getting the full experience. Hearing Nardwuar, whose squeaky, lisping, Canadian-accented voice falls somewhere between Emo Phillips and an overexcited first-grader, is weird enough as it is, but seeing him is something else entirely: the Prince Valiant haircut covered by a tam'o'shanter, the mostly-plaid, vintage and mismatched wardrobe which looks like the aftermath of an explosion in a particularly uncool senior citizen's closet. In the White Stripes interview (now available in Real Video, MP3 and transcribed text form on Nardwuar's almost unnecessarily well-designed website), the "Human Serviette" wore a voluminous stars and stripes windbreaker, and opened proceedings by unveiling a gigantic poster of the Stripes' fellow Detroiter, Bob Seger, as depicted on his Stranger in Town album cover. Then, the grilling began: a flurry of rapid-fire questions, everything from Billy Childish to Loretta Lynn to Jack White's alleged exploits with groupies via Internet rumor. He would punctuate these questions by repeatedly asking for the names of his interviewees. Jack and Meg, standing helpless beside this whirlwind of hyperactivity, appeared alternately bemused and stricken.
"Nardwuar vs. the White Stripes" (his interviews are always best described in antagonistic terms) can be seen in excerpted form on his new DVD, entitled Doot Doola Doot Doo...Doot Doo! after the "shave and a haircut" rhythm with which he ends every session. I was glad to see it, since the summer when I first heard that interview still makes me a little nostalgic. But the thing is, it's neither the most interesting nor the most surreal thing to be seen on this disc. In a mind-boggling five and a half hours of footage, Nardwuar's DVD features Q&A sessions with such luminaries as Iggy Pop (he asks a series of questions about his cock), Marilyn Manson (he exposes his bare chest for no apparent reason), Vanilla Ice (he asks whether Ice was "necking with Corey Feldman" at a party), and ex-Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev (he says his trademark closing line, "keep on rockin' in the free world," in Russian). His singularly obnoxious, sub-gonzo interviewing style - which has provoked at least two hair metal has-beens, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row and Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot, to near-violence - is usually the root of these interviews' hilarity; whether he's peppering an obviously perturbed Henry Rollins with questions and no space for answers or bringing in Canadian "rock warrior" THOR to bend bars with his teeth in front of an aloof, arrogant and for once wordless Gene Simmons. But this isn't some warped Canadian version of Punk'd, as Nardwuar himself would be quick to remind us: schtick or no schtick, this dude takes himself seriously.
Just look at Nard Wars II, the most illuminating feature on the disc - a complete MuchMusic special which follows Nard on a long and arduous attempt to track down Snoop Dogg for their third bizarre, surreal and sporadically uncomfortable interview. We watch him on every step of his preparation: consulting with a record shop-owner for vinyl presents to give to Snoop, staking out a hotel room for the interview, and making several calls to Snoop's people, most of which are met with indifference. Somehow, it's both depressing and inspiring; depressing because, for much of the five hours he waits, Nardwuar seems likely to get the cold shoulder, and inspiring because he not only secures the interview, but his persistence and unflappable enthusiasm as he tries is, frankly, infectious.
The fruits of Nardwuar's considerable efforts, with Snoop Dogg and others, can be viewed extensively on both Nard Wars I, the original MuchMusic special, and on the disc two special features, some three hours of unedited footage entitled Nard Raw. But fans of such details as "context" and "coherency" may find themselves a little disappointed: the original special casts its net wider than an hour-long runtime will allow and incorporates that irritating post-MTV jump-editing, unwisely skipping between random interviews when one of the joys of a Nardwuar interview is the slow, creeping alienation of its interviewee. Nard Raw fares better, but it ain't quite as "raw" as it claims: a montage of clips between Nard and his longtime sparring partner/current distributor, Jello Biafra, splices together footage taken over 16 years into one fifteen-minute segment. It's a disorienting viewing experience, to be sure, but then again there's something a little instructive about the juxtaposition; by boiling one of Nardwuar's many love/hate relationships into such a compact package, Doot Doola Doot Doo allows us to glimpse a strange kind of love taking the lead.
Besides, it's a little silly to quibble about too much editing on a package as bizarrely lavish as this: Doot Doola Doot Doo contains not only Nardwuar's interviews, but videos and amateur live tapings of his bands the Evaporators and Thee Goblins, a sixteen-page booklet with some very funny historical press clippings and interview excerpts, and even audio commentary by the Nard himself. It begs the question: is anyone really that big a fan of Nardwuar? But hey, Alternative Tentacles isn't exactly known for putting out packages with mass appeal; and the beauty of this DVD is that the more you get to know Nardwuar, the more you respect him as a personality, a human being, and yes, a journalist.
Okay, so maybe I won't be asking anyone to sing "shave and a haircut" with me on my next big Modern Pea Pod interview. But this man isn't just some goofball in Coke bottle glasses and a tartan hat: his musical knowledge, punk rock and otherwise, is encyclopaedic, and he has a knack for digging up truly odd bits of trivia amidst all the absurdity. Say what you will, but once you see a Nardwuar interview, you'll never forget it ... and after five and a half hours of this DVD, I promise, you'll wish you could."
- Modern Pea Pod



1. "Disc One - Nard Wars Part One" (52:03)
2. "Disc One - Nard Wars Part Two" (49:43)
3. "Disc One - Various Evaporators Videos" (28:26)
4. "Disc One - Evaporators Interview" (9:49)
5. "Disc One - Thee Goblins Live At Planet Trog, Whitehall, PA" (7:46)
6. "Disc One - Thee Goblins Live In Vancouver, BC" (4:28)
7. "Disc One - The Dis-Goblins Live In Vancouver, BC" (7:08)
8. "Disc Two - Nard Raw: Unseen Bonus Footage" (2:30:30)
9. "Disc Two - Nardwuar vs. Nardwuar" (14:05)

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