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virus154 ALICE DONUT
virus154 (1994) 7" - $4.00 | CDEP - $8.00
Taken from the sessions that produced Pure Acid Park and produced by Martin Bisi, here's another dose of guitar-heavy optimistic nihilism.

"With Martin Bisi at the knobs, I figured on a more spacey and eclectic sound from the Donut. Instead, Nadine rips with more intensity than I've heard from this crew in some time. An amazingly blistering track. And while the other two tracks are closer to Donut standard fare, they too eventually degenerate into masses of caterwauling instruments and flame-out vocals. Sure, this path is familiar to AD fans. But the sheer intensity and aggressiveness on this single really surprised me. If next year's album can come even close, I'll be more than satisfied."
- Aiding And Abetting



1. "Nadine" (3:10)
2. "The Chicken Door" (2:56)
3. "Empty Streets" (4:27)

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Alice Donut

Alice Donut

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