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cfg007 (2005) CD - $10.00
This plastic doughnut contains 17 more ripping tunes from Brazil's No Violence, including an Intense Degree cover for good measure. The delivery is urgently furious, especially "Biocote," a mere 14-seconds long! Production matches the music impeccably; the instruments all stand on their own, with scathing high-pitched roars cleverly desguised as vocals. The lyrics are in Portuguese, with the exception of the cover song and "Never Give It Up!," straight-forwardly showing that they don't take themselves too seriously: "We're just playing a song / We're just kids screaming in a band / Will we be together in 10 years?" The layout is good, with live shots of the band and cover art depicting a Native American perched atop a pile of skulls with battle helmets. Pick it up today!

"More killer material from this respected Brazilian hardcore band. This very quick record (17 tracks in a mere 14 minutes!) is much in the vein of their last demo, and some of those tracks appear here in re-recorded form, so the style is a solid mix of fast hardcore, crossover thrash, and some hints of punk rock as well. The vocals are somewhat high-pitched yells that are very energetic with plenty of awesome vocal patterns, working well with the speed of most of the music... Also included is a cover of Intense Degree's "Allegiance" for good measure. I'm fine with the production, too. It's just about where it should be. The mix is even and lets the bass back the guitars well, the drums sound pretty good, etc. The vocals tend to remain clear during the fastest moments even though some of the music can get a little cloudy, but I don't really have any complaints regardless. The layout looks solid, all done in black and white with tons of live shots of the band and all of the lyrics, including those of the cover song. All of the lyrics except for two songs (one of which is the cover) are in Portuguese, so I can't offer much insight there, but there's no doubt based on the band's past work that the lyrics are totally sincere and dealing with socio-political topics as well as personal issues and reflection. Good stuff. No Violence is definitely still going strong after all these years, and I could easily argue that they're more focused and invigorated than ever right now. (7/10)"
- Aversion

"It starts of as any of D.S.-13's releases did - full on thrash attack! And the musical similarities to the Demon System continues in the aggressiveness and fury, alongside the many hooks, twists and melodies, this band put forward. But No Violence are from Brazil, not Sweden, and that is very present in their music - not only 'cause they sing in Portuguese, except the Intense Degree cover "Allegiance" and their own closing "Never give it up!!!", and the slightly "smoother" sound, but also 'cause of the (trying not to sound too prejudice here) typical South American intensity. The bands from this area that play fast hardcore, call it thrash, fastcore, whatever… always do it with such conviction, presence and commitment it's amazing. I don't think I've ever come across a Brazilian band that doesn't know how to handle the core at full speed. And this band has also passed all tests with the highest grade available.
They might be called No Violence, and that's good I guess, but they can't by any means refer to their music. If they do, this whole band is a contradiction in itself. This is hard, this is fast, and this is fucking violent! In the handling of the instruments, and my ears, not the handling of fellow audience members at the show of course.
These four guys and one gal have played their way straight to my heart with their fast, straight forward, no compromises thrash. I suggest you make room for 'em in yours as well."
- Attack! fanzine



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