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virus189 THRALL
Chemical Wedding
virus189 (1996) CD - $12.00 | Black Vinyl LP - $12.00
God Bullies frontman Mike Hard with ex-members of Inside Out and Hand Over Head. Madness coupled with disease; rage melded with fear. The Prozac Generation implodes, surrounded by a furious guitar squall. Larger than life... but whose life?

This sounds as fresh, invigorating, intimidating and uncomfortably deviant today as it did back in 1996!

"Former vocalist of God Bullies Mike Hard fronts this odd mixture of industrial grind, hard rock and post-apocalyptic social commentary. Dark and incredibly honest to the present- day state of the world, Thrall points out all our brave new morals. You know the ones - the ones we spend our lives avoiding their full implications. On "Chemical Wedding" desensitization is painted from the inside out, religious doctrines are stripped and caught red-handed, and the sickening regularity of uncontrollable greed is measured in full bloom. As far as the musical genre goes, admirers of heavy crunching guitar and lovers of the gothic flair vocal will feel most at home. At times, however, a Jesus Lizard comparison is easy to make. Satirical, gripping, bleak and painfully honest...a double anxiety with a side of your own medicine, modern man."
- Jersey Beat

"What you have here is one fuckin' bizarre disc. Vocalist Mike Hard (ex-God Bullies) is quite insane in a fun way. Lots of manic, drastic, desperate vocals over a heavy repetitive driving background wall of noise and rhythms. And then over all of that you've got this killer guitarist just blazing out these leads and it truly is unique. If ya like it intense with a warped sense of humor go for it!"
- Motion Sickness

"Remember the God Bullies? Yeah, of course you do. They were a twisted sleaze-monster of a band, led by a complete fucking nutter by the name of Mike Hard. Like the campfire psycho at a festival that just won't go away, hard is back. And the fact that his new album begins with a track entitled "Sometimes I Get This Urge" gives some indication of his state of mind these days. Musically, Thrall are a good deal heavier than God Bullies, while still loading up their veins with large doses of the Birthday Party and the Cramps, as well as that special brand of Hard madness. Straitjackets all around."
- Kerrang!

"Shit, has it really been 15 years since Thrall put out Chemical Wedding? Well, yes it has. See, the thing about this album is that it sounds as fresh, invigorating, intimidating and uncomfortably deviant today as it did back in '96.
The personnel, of course, are immaculate. Led by the inimitable Mike Hard (God Bullies) and bass-lass Karen Neal (Queen Bee), Thrall were picked up by Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label, a connection that inevitably helped them develop a cult following around the world.
Of course, Hard and Neal don't like to make anything easy and the band broke up before they reached its absolute potential. They stuck together though, forming They Never Sleep. Now that band's on hiatus too.
So what about the music on Chemical Wedding? Well, anyone familiar with Hard's vocals will know that his approach is akin to a cross between Zappa and Jello. He's like a psychotic uncle, with a crazy tale to weave.
Picking out tracks is hard. This album should be experienced in its entirety. For example, the blend from the mental "Psychic Attack" to the submissive "I'll do What You Say" is so perfect, it sounds like two stage of the same song, like a fucked up "Bohemian Rhapsody".
Thrall were a tremendous for a short while back then. Everyone moved on, but the music remains and this album still sounds perfect."
- Metro Times



1. "Sometimes I Get This Urge" (3:30)
2. "The Blood Is The Life" (3:33)
3. "Have You Ever Been Conned?" (2:29)
4. "Psychic Attack" (4:11)
5. "I'll Do What You Say" (2:40)
6. "Do It Now" (1:39)
7. "It's Okay" (3:39)
8. "Gas Station Speed" (4:00)
9. "I Will Always Love You" (4:36)
10. "Mommy And Daddy Were Alien Gods" (2:45)
11. "Goliath" (2:55)
12. "No Mark! No Milk!" (1:39)
13. "I Am Not Afraid" (5:48)

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