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virus338 NAUSEA
The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2: '85-'88
virus338 (2005) CD - $12.00
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Nausea is one of the most influential New York City punk bands ever. Among the first bands to combine raw punk, metal and intense socio-political lyrics, creating a style often imitated but rarely equaled. Dual female/male vocalists trade off over a ferocious musical backdrop that found its way into the sound of bands like Neurosis, Logical Nonsense and Antischism, to bands of today like Kylesa, Skarp and Leftover Crack.

"The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. II 1986-1988" collects 30 Nausea tracks including several live, unreleased and demo tracks and classic songs like 'Smash Racism', 'Clutches' (recently covered by Kylesa) and 'Godless', which are as relevant today as when they were recorded nearly two decades ago. Nausea were stars of the squatting d.i.y. scene and toured the US and Europe repeatedly spreading their innovative crust punk sound and radical leftist politics.

This is the first of several Blacknoise Records releases to be released in cooperation with Alternative Tentacles. "Volume 1" has just been re-released on AT also!

"Volume two from the anthology of NYC's most famous crust-punk-hardcore band ever. One of their former drummers even started up -and sang for- Maximum Penalty. This band is legendary, to say the least. On this volume, there are no less than 31 tracks, containing an unreleased 7", an unreleased LP, unreleased demotracks recorded with Don Fury and live tracks from CBGB's. I guess a lot of punk fans are waiting for this kinda stuff. But I wasn't really. For the curious ones who don't know Nausea: there's a lot of Discharge in it, some Crass, so there's punk, some mid 80's hardcore and even some metal drenched in socio-political lyrics. There you have it, now leave me alone!"
- Punk Rock Theory

"NYC's Nausea, America's answer to definitive UK anarcho-punks Crass, dispensed socially conscious anti-government musical propaganda to anyone who was willing to lend an ear during the late '80s and early '90s...
While Vol. 2 isn't as essential as the band's 2001 compilation The Punk Terrorist Anthology, Vol. 1, its 30 audio tracks and solitary video don't disappoint -- particularly the fourteen tunes that made up an unreleased 1988 7" and LP. The raw, vitriolic crust in tunes like "Smash Racism" and "Godless" are classic Nausea: the band doesn't mince words on these touchy topics, and the male/female vocals make for a unique musical signature. "Home Sweet Home" isn't a Motley Crue cover; it's an indictment of the fascist government for destroying less fortunate people's homesteads. There are hints of crossover metal and soulful ska on "Divide & Conquer" and "Sacrifice", respectively, which should give you an idea of where the band might have headed if they'd stuck around for a few more years. Vol. 2 also includes a couple of covers -- a great version of the Subhumans' "Religious Wars", complete with Amy Miret's tuneless vocals, and an angry make-over of the Business's street-punk anthem "Real Enemy". There are also plenty of live recordings and demo versions of popular Nausea tunes, and the video of "Fallout (Of Our Being)" provides a brief glimpse into the punkers' past, interspersing footage of the bands with B-roll of bombs, missiles and mushroom clouds.
These Lower East Side punks may not have received the props that they should have during their tenure, but a quick sampling of Vol. 2 will enlighten you as to why they're regularly cited as an influence today!"
- Splendid

"Při vyslovení slova Nausea asi nastražej uši hlavně dvě skupiny lidí: doktoři a pankáči. New Yorku už jsme vděčný za spoustu legendárních hardcore / punkovejch kapel a Nausea patří samozřejmě mezi ně. Jello Biafra si je tedy pro svůj label určitě nevybral náhodou. Náhoda určitě nebyla ani spolupráce s Blacknoise Records, který vlastní Brad Logan (F-Minus, Leftover Crack), a kterej vypomáhal i s produkcí tohodle CD. Nausea drtila syrovej zběsilej anarcho-punk s mužsko-ženskym zpěvem, místama ujíždějící až do crustu a místama zas do hardcore a byla zároveň jedna z prvních kapel, který do svý muziky namíchaly texty se sociálně-politickými tématy. Druhej díl jejich antologie nás skrze 30 skladeb bere na výpravu zpátky do let 1985 až 1988. Pravdou je, že ta třicítka je trošku zavádějící, protože několik válů během jejího poslechu uslyšíte vícekrát, byť pokaždý v trochu odlišný podobě. Uslyšíte zde totiž skladby jak z nevydanýho sedmipalce či nevydaný desky (obojí z roku 1988), tak z demáčů (1987, 1988) a koncertů v CBGB's. Pro fajnšmekry se tady nachází ještě vál z kompilace "NYHC: The Way It Is" (1987) nebo dva ultra raritní fláky, z nichž jeden dokonce ani nemá název (rozhodně se ale nemusíte bát, že byste tady narazili na ňáký béčkový songy). A tím zde dochází k takovejm bonbónkům, že třeba vály "Home Sweet Home", "Divine & Conquer", "Clutches" nebo "Fallout (Of Our Being)" uslyšíte nejdřív v instrumentální verzi bez zpěvu a o pár minut dýl už si to budete dávat společně s vokálem Neila nebo Amy. Dalším pošušňáníčkem pak bude, když si úvodní skladbu "Smash Racism" poslechnete se zpěvem mužskym, o pár minut pozdějc už se vám ale nabídne ten samej flák se zpěvem ženskym. Super. To však není zdaleko všechno, co CD nabízí. Jako dezert zde pak máte 3 covery válů od The Business, Omega Tribe a Subhumans. Třešničku na dortíčku navíc tvoří "nukleární" videoklip k válu Fallout. Kompilačka má navíc nově remasterovanej zvuk, takže kazety se starejma songama v děsný kvalitě můžete rovnou vyhodit. Odměnou vám k tomu bude krásně udělanej obal i plnobarevnej booklet, plnej textů a fotek kapely. Deska je věnovaná Pablo Jacobsonovi (R.I.P.), kterej s Nausea bubnoval."
- Kids And Heroes

"A lot of people don't understand the relevance and importance that this crusty punk band played in the history of hard music, so plenty of people won't give a shit about this release, but to Nausea's fans, it's a welcome collection of unreleased demos, covers, and live tracks. Personally, I'm just overjoyed that I get to hear something that defiantly doesn't suck.
Well, for starters, it's an hour and twelve minutes of Nausea, so it's got an edge compared to other albums released this year. If you haven't heard Nausea, they could best be described as extremely energetic 80's crust punk with vicious dual male/female vocals and the occasionally powerful rock-tinged solo...
So to anyone that's ever seen some gutter punk looking kid with a Nausea backpatch riding their bicycle around, they're not really as big of a tool as you think they are, simply for the reason that they've been listening to a great band that you've more than likely been clueless to for the longest time!"
- Metal Reviews

"As the title would suggest, this is the second installment of this anthology, here collecting ultra rare and unreleased tracks from the early days of one of the most classic and definitive crust punk bands of all time: New York's own Nausea. These recordings feature some of the band's original members, including vocalist Neil (who later formed Jesus Chrust and the awesome Final Warning, as well as the Tribal War Records label) - one of whose only former recorded appearances with the band was on the "NYHC: The Way It Is" compilation (also featured herein) - and drummers Pablo Jacobson and Jimmy Williams (Who later went on to front Maximum Penalty - who knew he was once in Nausea!?). The first six tracks make up an unreleased 7" from 1988 that includes a little over 15 minutes of relatively straightforward hardcore/punk with an early crust edge, offering up a decent amount of tempo changes and lots of male/female vocal tradeoffs between Neil's gruff shouts and Amy's higher snarls... The next eight tracks come from an unreleased LP, also recorded in 1988, with a slightly rawer sound where the male vocals sound more shouted and the female vocals have an eerie undercurrent that works well. The drums are sort of distant in the mix and overall some details are definitely getting lost, but nonetheless the recording sounds pretty good for its age and definitely gets the job done. Exact recording dates aren't listed, so I'm not sure if this is older than the unreleased 7" or not, but the performances feel a little tighter and more pissed off here, despite the 7" boasting the stronger sound quality. "Sacrifice" drops an unexpected ska break midway through that lasts for the remaining half of the song and is actually kind of cool, "Night to Live" is another fast and straightforward blitz in the vein of Discharge with a ripping little lead break, etc. There are also a couple of tracks from this session where lyrics are included but the recordings don't have any vocals, so I guess a lot of these sessions were incomplete. Up next are a slew of two-track demos recorded with the one and only Don Fury, mostly in 1987, so of course the sound quality is pretty damn raw...There are also demo versions with vocals for some of the incomplete tracks like "Clutches" and "Home Sweet Home" from earlier in the disc, which is awesome. Among the rarest cuts from these demo sessions are "Nauseous", which is often driven by bass and has a nice midpaced drive to it, and an untitled work in progress that's also without a vocal performance. Then it's a handful of live tracks recorded at CBGB's in 1987 (one from 1988) that actually sound really damn good considering, and the live rendition of the much more sinister "Self Destruct" is an amazing example of how much this band grew in just a short time. Also included are covers of Omega Tribe's "Freedom Peace and Unity", the Subhumans' "Religious Wars", and "Real Enemy" by The Business (which was also covered during the demo sessions). Closing it out is the classic version of "Fallout (Of Our Being)" that appeared on the aforementioned "NYHC: The Way It Is" compilation, and "Electrodes" tracked in the same session.
The packaging looks good and contains tons of old photos and brief liner notes with lyrics for all of the tracks, so there's plenty to look through with this one. Of course lyrically the material deals with intensely socio-political content that paints a bleak picture: "As our last moment takes its toll, the madmen's wrath then unfolds, Everything crumbles on our heads, we flee as the sky turns red, The day will come when our houses burn, the ice won't melt, the world won't turn..." There's also a CD-Rom video for "Fallout (Of Our Being)" with various snippets of classic live footage and explosions and whatnot set to live audio, so... no big deal, but it's there to round it all out.
All in all this is a really solid collection of songs... Apparently none of this stuff has ever been bootlegged before or anything, so there's definitely some hard to find material on this thing, and I'm honestly not sure why some of this wasn't released back in the day!? Whatever the case, completists rejoice! But if you're new to the band, I'd definitely suggest starting with "The Punk Terrorists Anthology Vol. 1", as that's honestly the band's defining material that really made them such an outstanding landmark for the crust punk genre. If you're not familiar with Nausea you're definitely missing out! (7/10)"
- Aversion Online



1. "Smash Racism" (2:30)
2. "MTV (Feeding of the Fortune 500)" (2:07)
3. "New Generation" (3:17)
4. "Godless" (1:59)
5. "Clutches" (2:45)
6. "Home Sweet Home" (3:00)
7. "Sacrifice" (4:42)
8. "Johnny Got His Gun" (1:42)
9. "Smash Racism" (2:34)
10. "MTV (Feeding...)" (2:05)
11. "Right to Live" (2:52)
12. "Godless" (1:56)
13. "Divide & Conquer" (3:09)
14. "Fallout (Of Our Being)" (1:54)
15. "World of No Tomorrow" (1:21)
16. "Real Enemy [Business cover]" (2:12)
17. "Productive Not Destructive - demo" (1:52)
18. "Red Winter- demo" (1:59)
19. "Nauseous (rare track)" (2:52)
20. "Home Sweet Home - demo" (3:01)
21. "Divide & Conquer - demo" (2:49)
22. "Clutches - demo" (2:28)
23. "Untitled (ultra rare)" (2:00)
24. "Freedom Peace & Unity [Omega Tribe cover] - live" (1:57)
25. "Self Destruct - live" (2:20)
26. "Religious Wars [Subhumans cover] - live" (2:04)
27. "World of No Tomorrow - live" (1:18)
28. "Real Enemy [Business cover] - live" (2:41)
29. "Fallout (Of Our Being)" (1:55)
30. "Electrodes" (3:22)
31. "Fallout (Of Our Being) - video" ()

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