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In A Family Way
virus153 (1994) CDSingle - $5.00
Joey Ramone and real life brother Mickey Leigh got together and crafted this catchy set of punk'n'roll gems.

"Your first impulse might be to dismiss this 3 song CD single as ultra-celebrity Joey Ramone going back into the hood to help out real-life brother Mickey Leigh. You are wicked to think that way and Joey and Mickey will give you a swirly in the toilets downstairs at the CBGB's when they catch you. At least one of these songs, "On the Beach" is classic Ramones horror-rock in the vein of "Chainsaw Massacre" with a duet chorus: "I don't care about the world/I just gotta find that one little girl." Mickey first recorded this in 1979 with his old band the Rattlers, which proves that being a Ramone is at least partly genetic. "Don't Be So Strange" is a George Thorogood-ish guitar boogie destroyer with mystery vocals in a super-basso register. "See My Way" is a tender but uncompelling Bloodwyn Pig tune recalling the spirit (though not the grace) of "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)", demonstrating that brothers do not go on giving each other Dutch rubs for their whole lives, but eventually end up as true friends. Which is what this little gem is about."
- Dean Kuipers



1. "See My Way" (4:10)
2. "On The Beach" (3:01)
listen to "On The Beach"   MP3 (2.8 MB)
3. "Don't Be So Strange" (2:23)

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