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virus334 ANI KYD
Evil Needs Candy Too
virus334 (2005) CD - $12.00
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A unique singer and songwriter, Ani Kyd's trademark atmospheric darkness goes all over the map. "Evil Needs Candy Too" has shades of swamp-grunge here, Siouxie Souix and the Banshees there, Queens of the Stone Age there, along with some Neurosis, some punk, some hardcore, some solo slide guitar, and even a drop-dead beautiful acoustic ballad at the end. It's all unified by her instantly recognizable one-of-a-kind voice.

This is the perfect record for those who want a little adventure with their noise- cookie cutter purists stay away!

Ani Kyd is a mainstay of the Vancouver, British Columbia music and art underground. She's fronted a ton of bands, including Rumblefish, Spanking Machine, Spankin' Betty, Kyd Monopoli, and Fuel-Injected 45, as well as doing solo shows and playing guitar for Canadaian Rock legend Thor!

To capture her spell in the studio (and live!) , she teamed up with multi-talented metal legends Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer's Hole) and Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament, Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad), plus guitarist Ian White from Vancouver punks Che:Chapter 127 and Caustic Thought.

Fun fact- Jello first met Ani Kyd on the set of The Widower!

This is the only non-Jello release that Jello Biafra has produced.

"Evil Needs Candy Too is Ani Kyd's first full length cd, although she is hardly new to the music scene having fronted numerous bands, including Rumblefish, Spanking Machine, Spankin' Betty, Kyd Monopoli, and Fuel-Injected 45, as well as doing solo shows and playing guitar for Canadian Rock legend, Thor.
Evil Needs candy Too has Ani's personal stamp all over it. An eclectic choice of songs with an equally odd assortment of instruments: hard thrashing guitars, wicked drums, violins and cello which perfectly complement Ani's vocals in a variety of bi-polar personas. It comprises of 16 tunes that range from thrash rock, punk, and soft 'melodic' tunes (but don't let that sweet voice fool you) intertwined throughout.
As I've stated before, I will not shell out the money for a cd unless there are at least 3 good songs present. In ENCT 5 songs stood out. The first, 'Rejoyce', is a good rocker tune with Ani's singing reminiscent of Linda Perry. 'Rejoyce', 'Left Holding the Bag', 'Erase', 'Stranger Things', and my favourite, 'Hard Way Home' are reason enough to purchase this cd. 'The Involuntary Admittance of Jack Kyd' is also a bittersweet, yet humorous, insert at the end of the cd, taken from an answering machine message from Ani's son, Michael Kyd. 'My First Kill' is also a finely crafted tune, hard driven, ala Dead Kennedys, but then it lulls you into a false sense of melodic calm, only to assault you again with vocal and instrumental intensity.
From the fast and furious opening seconds, the band's power and musicianship are immediately obvious, and, even to the untrained ear, drummer Gene Hoglan's playing stands out, especially on the songs 'My First Kill' and 'Lost'. The band is tight with excellent guitar riffs (especially on 'Thirteen', and 'Left Right Left') The song 'So Far' has violins and excellent double bass (courtesy of Jan Berman). 'Stranger Things' (an acoustic version of Ani's former release with Rumblefish) has a cello accompaniment to Ani's vocals. Although the song is sung with apparent vulnerability, listen closely and there is a sinister edge to it.
All the songs' lyrics appear personal and harsh; this is a survivor's tale. It is an angry, non sugar-coated cd, and not for the faint of heart, or those looking for mainstream rock.
Produced by Jello Biafra (of the infamous Dead Kennedys) this is a solid full-length debut cd from Kyd, and no doubt other future releases will be in the works. This is the only non-Jello release that Jello Biafra has produced, so that is a statement in itself."
-Christine Albrecht @

"Singer Ani Kyd fronted a number of minor punk-metal bands before finally releasing her solo debut. Evil Needs Candy Too sounds shockingly like former 4 Non Blondes leader/songwriter-for-hire Linda Perry (really, the vocal similarity is uncanny) fronting a heavy stoner rock band in the Kyuss tradition. It's not a bad combination, not least since Kyd thankfully doesn't engage in some of Perry's most obnoxious vocal tics, and the band (driven by the rhythm section of bassist Byron Stroud and drummer Gene Hoglan, both formerly of tongue-in-cheek Canadian rockers Strapping Young Lad) shies away from bombast. In fact, the album's 16 songs tend toward punky minimalism, both in arrangement and in length. (Not surprising, since the album was produced by Alternative Tentacles head Jello Biafra, always a big believer in less-is-more.) This is definitely a metal album, however; from the doomy grind of the opening "Rejoyce" (not the Jefferson Airplane song, amusing though that would be) onwards, Kyd and second guitarist Ian White build the songs on an impressive array of piledriver riffs in a variety of tempos and styles. This gives Evil Needs Candy Too a wider sonic spectrum than many similar albums, one that recalls post-punk experimenters like the Meat Puppets or Concrete Blonde as much as it does At the Drive-In."
- Stewart Mason @



1. "Rejoyce" (4:09)
2. "Creepy Feeling" (2:13)
3. "Taste My Lips" (2:27)
4. "My 1st Kill" (2:50)
5. "Fingerpainting" (2:51)
6. "Six Californian Dollars" (3:00)
7. "13" (2:54)
8. "Left Holding the Bag" (3:49)
9. "Erase" (3:44)
10. "Left Right Left" (1:59)
11. "So Far" (3:00)
12. "Lost" (4:46)
13. "Stranger Things" (3:19)
14. "Silver Cage" (2:45)
15. "Hardway Home" (2:45)
16. "The Involuntary Ambivalence of Jack Ryd. By Michael Kyd" (0:39)

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