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Patnact Kapeck Vody (Best of...)
mam121 (2005) CD - $16.00
This collection of tracks, spanning the career of the quintessential Czech art-rock band, is an excellent introduction to their inimitable music. Hardly a "greatest hits", the collection is clearly comprised of those songs the band feels represent their strongest work. And for long-time fans, this release offers two previously unreleased tracks, one from the film "Spring, Hell, Fall, Winter," and the other from a live show in 1985.

Since forming in the small Czechoslovakian border town of Teplice in 1985, Uz Jsme Doma has weathered the tyranny of Communism, numerous line-up changes, and relentless touring, including performances in war-torn Bosnia. Featuring Mirek Wanek on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards, and Jindra Dolansky on tenor sax, the band's music, through a juxtaposition of the beautiful and ugly, familiar and strange, aims to provoke the listener to feel something genuine and new; in the famous words of one of the band's inspirations, Franz Kafka, to be "an axe for the frozen sea inside us."

On November 17, 1989, a student protest in Prague set in play a series of events which would lead to the collapse of the Communist government within a month and return democracy to the Czech people after 41 years of Soviet rule. By December 3, inimitable Czech avant-rockers Uz Jsme Doma, a group which had not long before been considered "antisocial" by the state, was playing in front of 15,000 in Prague at a concert in celebration of the changes. Soon afterwards, UJD frontman Mirek Wanek found himself drafted as a leader of an interim government in the band's hometown of Teplice, cleaning out corrupt officials, before returning to his duties in UJD.



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