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Rybi Tuk
mam216 (2005) CD - $16.00
After the departure of their sax player, Uz Jsme Doma released this great return to form, "Rybi Tuk" ("Cod Liver Oil") in 2003! Started in 1985 in the former Czechoslovakia, Uz Jsme Doma has been churning out quirky, tweaked out art-rock with a strong Czech twist ever since!

"Rybi Tuk" means "Cod Liver Oil" in Czech. Bandmember Miroslav explains:
Q: "Why Cod Liver Oil?"
Miroslav Wanek: "In this country, cod-liver oil used to be (and I think it was the same in the U.S.) a symbol for something very ugly that kids had been fed because someone, somewhere, sometime said, "This is healthy." It doesn't matter if this is true, if they want it, or if they like it. What else is education, what else is official history, what else is law, what else is religion, politics, ideology, fashion, commercials, and customs? Many of these things are useful for people, but it is possible to abuse all of them, and it depends to who is the educator, politician, historian, priest, or judge. People tend to trust everything without thinking-that's the result of a thousand years of religious pressure, trust with no doubts. Especially now in the age of information.

When every day you get millions of informations, when each newspaper writes about thousands of things, there is almost no chance to verify truth. Even if you make that effort, the next day it's not important because new information is coming and today's doubts are out of interest. What else people can do, other than just trust what they read? My message is, 'Don't be sheep.'"

Since forming in the small Czechoslovakian border town of Teplice in 1985, Uz Jsme Doma has weathered the tyranny of Communism, numerous line-up changes, and relentless touring, including performances in war-torn Bosnia. Featuring Mirek Wanek on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards, and Jindra Dolansky on tenor sax, the band's music, through a juxtaposition of the beautiful and ugly, familiar and strange, aims to provoke the listener to feel something genuine and new; in the famous words of one of the band's inspirations, Franz Kafka, to be "an axe for the frozen sea inside us."

On November 17, 1989, a student protest in Prague set in play a series of events which would lead to the collapse of the Communist government within a month and return democracy to the Czech people after 41 years of Soviet rule. By December 3, inimitable Czech avant-rockers Uz Jsme Doma, a group which had not long before been considered "antisocial" by the state, was playing in front of 15,000 in Prague at a concert in celebration of the changes. Soon afterwards, UJD frontman Mirek Wanek found himself drafted as a leader of an interim government in the band's hometown of Teplice, cleaning out corrupt officials, before returning to his duties in UJD.



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