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virus185 (1996) CD - $12.00 | LP - $12.00

This band is an exotic melange of furry shorts, catch phrases, buzz words, sheer volume, tape loops, too many notes and WAY too many effects, with moronic lyrics about everyday occurences that never seem to happen. Their debut full length!

"Big Momma's secret Saturn's Flea Collar Recipe: Combine 2 cups Brainiac, 1 cup Steel Pole Bathtub,1/2 tablespoon of Nomeansno bass (remove chunks first) and a pinch of eccentricity extracted from Tragic Mulatto. Shake well (do not stir) and serve chilled. Garnish with lime."
- Wet Ink

"Featuring two members of the underappreciated Victims Family, Saturn's Flea Collar is a triumvirate that plays a hardcore motivated blend of Zappa (Frank, not Dweezil!), Minutemen, Naked City and Foghat, with its tongue firmly planted in cheek and a spectacularly proficient musicality. Thematically, Monosyllabic kicks the usual pricks: rock stars, corporate culture, the rich ("Jimi, Jim and Janis," Sugar Frosted Loopholes"), takes time to dole out some good advice ("Don't Fuck With the Guy Who Makes Your Food") and tells tales of ordinary madness ("Wall Impede My Progress," "My Plants Are Mad At Me"). Sonically, Monosyllabic is a sprawling tribute to the time change, as each song becomes a showcase for virtuoso one-upmanship. Not in the Yngvie Malmsteen "I-Can-Play-Faster-Than-I-Can-Think" sense - SFC have too many smarts and are far too terminally depraved for that - but in the "How-Can-We-Make-This-Song-Even-Weirder" sense, to the detriment, unfortunately of more than a few of the songs. In fact, the superior tracks "Free and Easy Wanderer," "Is In the Middle Of," "Frolic With the Hunchbacks," indicate that when SFC tempers their urge to go in seven directions at once, they can dance with the best of them."
- Exclaim



1. "Walls Impede My Progress" (1:37)
2. "Free And Easy Wanderer" (1:54)
3. "Sugar Frosted Loopholes" (0:44)
4. "Doo" (1:45)
5. "Always Six O'clock" (3:00)
6. "Variations" (0:37)
7. "Splatter Facts" (1:57)
8. "Quit It" (0:17)
9. "My Plants Are Mad At Me" (1:56)
10. "Jimi, Jim, And Janis" (2:30)
11. "Damn Birds" (3:36)
12. "Is In The Middle Of" (2:20)
13. "The Song That Used To Be About Midgets" (1:53)
14. "Aches And Pains" (2:06)
15. "Billy And Some Apples" (1:28)
16. "Don't Fuck Around With The Guy Who Makes Your Food" (2:48)
17. "Frolic With The Hunchbacks" (1:57)
18. "Heavy Rotation" (0:57)
19. "Why Can't You Be Nice" (1:23)
20. "The Gas Bill And Love" (6:09)

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