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virus190 PACHINKO
Behind The Green Pachinko
virus190 (1996) CD - $12.00 | LP - $12.00
These Midwestern dirt-merchants plow through a ginseng-field of hyper-distorted mayhem. The fuzz and crackle cuts out just long enough for their fans to feel as if they've been spat upon. After numerous singles, this is their debut full-length. This will crush your stereo - it weighs a ton!

"The last I'd heard from these Madison spazzmodics was an excellent Steel Pole Bathtub type of distorto-conniption on a 7" awhile back. This album further elaborates their particular sort of trouble in powerful lurches and lunges of shredded vocals, thick guitar sheets, rumbling bass and thumping drum churns. Matching the frightful malady of Cherubs, Pachinko further the tradition of bombastic noise-core with the utmost urgency. Expect this one to leave stains in your CD player."
- Your Flesh

"If Led Zeppelin's sound has been characterized as "the hammer of the gods," thin this free-swinging Madison trio may well wield "the roto-rooter of the hobgoblins." Beneath a shuddering crust of speaker-cracking fuzz, Pachinko brays searing diatribes over a scuzzy whirlpool of high-speed punk. Fast, furious, and completely unaccomodating, Pachinko is the dairyland musical equivalent of a pack of giant ax-slinging wolverines on a rampage."
- Chicago Tribune

"Intense, wall of sound, blown vocals, kind of a mix between the distorto-noise thing and a heavy, sludgy punk band. No one's been able to label them yet so there's no way this little ol' zine from St. Louis is gonna try. These guys could go either way, I think they probably win a lot of fans over from live shows cause this shit is so intense."
- Motion Sickness



1. "Lubrilarneygurney" (2:14)
2. "Silo" (1:23)
3. "Smut And Eggs" (1:49)
4. "Millard's" (2:30)
5. "Cecil" (3:10)
6. "Tags" (2:50)
7. "Sherben" (2:09)
8. "I Gotta Lotta Lotta Issues (Yea Yea Yea)" (2:18)
9. "Victory Lap" (2:15)
10. "5¢ Hustler Pt.II;Trouble In Vegas" (2:47)
11. "Spitvalve 400" (2:19)
12. "Adonis Of Denver" (2:14)
13. "The Jump The Gorge" (3:46)
14. "Uncle Ratty" (2:51)
15. "Fill Her" (2:01)
16. "Bulitt XYY" (13:50)

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