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virus348 NAUSEA
The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1
virus348 (2005) CD - $12.00
"The 1980's were a tense time in America, Ronald Reagan was president, nuclear war was on everyone's mind and racism was running rampant in the suburbs and the big city streets. The music was overshadowed with the then new MTV, cheese metal and complete apathy. The youth in America were consumed with total bullshit and were consuming all the appropriate products of bullshit. The Lower East Side of New York City was still a ghetto of some sorts, providing a home for struggling artists, musicians, activists, squatters, junkies and the generally poor Latino, African-American and Ukrainian community that had already existed there. Here, the backdrop of our story begins. Enter Nausea!

Check out "Nausea: The Punk Terrorist Anthology Volume 2", also on Alternative Tentacles/Blacknoise!

Finally back in print!

"Nausea are one of those bands that gets name-dropped in punkdom by a lot of people... and it's okay. Their influence within the hardcore punk movements, crossover, power-violence, crust punk, etc. is undeniable. Definitely one of New York City's greatest and tightest. And true to themselves. These squatter punks blended their sensibilities (anti-racism, pro-feminism, animal rights) into the fold of their hardcore punk rock metal. And they did it with dual, opposite sex singers (fans of Destroy and Crass know what I'm talking about!)...
Through the years, many bootleg discs have sprung about, so here we have our benevolent uncles at Alternative Tentacles and their friends at Blacknoise gifting us this reissue compilation of 7" tracks, their only studio full-length (Extinction), compilation tracks, and a video for "Cybergod." Pick up the second volume while you're at it, since it was released this past fall. Get the Pabst cold and rejoice!"
- Transform Online

"The Punk Terrorist Anthology is an excellent collection that is worth getting even if the track listing mimics the expanded Extinction CD for a few reasons. First of all, the songs are remastered this time out, and you actually can tell the difference; the band's Crass meets Discharge by way of New York's squatter ABC No-Rio scene blares out of the speakers and pummels you like it never did before. In addition, bassist John John Jesse provides heartfelt liner notes; the packaging in general is impressive; and the multimedia video clip of the chugging, relentless "Cybergod" perfectly encapsulates the band's sound of dueling-gender vocals and well-played grindy punk with images that remind what a powerful live act Nausea was. The only question is: What's left for a second volume?"
- All Music Guide



1. "Here Today" (3:02)
2. "Cybergod" (4:09)
3. "Body Of Christ" (4:36)
4. "Fallout (Of Our Being)" (1:47)
5. "Right To Live" (2:50)
6. "Blood And Circus" (1:52)
7. "Lie Cycle" (6:33)
8. "Godless" (1:46)
9. "Clutches" (3:01)
10. "Extinction" (6:51)
11. "Inherit The Wasteland" (3:04)
12. "Battened" (2:06)
13. "Self Destruct" (2:26)
14. "Blackened Dove" (3:01)
15. "Johnny Got His Gun" (1:50)
16. "Butchers" (2:20)
17. "Tech.No.Logic.Kill." (6:04)
18. "Sacrifice" (4:13)
19. "Electrodes" (3:22)
20. "Clutches (1988)" (2:52)
21. "Productive Not Destructive" (1:47)
22. "Hear Nothing/Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)" (3:31)

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