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My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours!
gt1502 (2005) CD - $10.00 - temp. unavailable
This cd is subtitled "Songs in praise of our Lord God and in condemnation of sin."

This band has stirred controversy at their shows and on-line due to their uncompromising, pro-Crusade, hardcore Christian stance. Although Alternative Tentacles doesn't endorse blind faith in any form, the Knights of the New Crusade serve up such a tasty platter of scuzzy garage rock that we couldn't resist the urge to offer their cd to you. Includes their answer song to "Sympathy for the Devil" and the anti-evolution "Ain't No Monkeys in My Family Tree." Check out their inspiring Knight Beat: A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom and 2010 3rd record, Knight Vision: Hymns For The Invisible Church!

Here's a so-far-unpublished letter to the editor of Maximum RocknRoll from the band's leader about a 2004 interview with the Knights of the New Crusade:

"Dear MRR,
I have to admit that I hadn't read an issue of MRR for quite a while, but a friend told me that my band, the Knights of the New Crusade, were interviewed in the latest issue.
You can imagine how surprised I was to hear this, since nobody in the band had mentioned talking to anyone from MRR. Surprise became disappointment when I picked up a copy and found that the "interview" was just a copy of a secretly-recorded conversation used to make fun of us. That's cool: like we often say, we're not afraid to look ridiculous. The ridiculousness of mortals only magnifies the perfection of the God who created us. But your writer did seem to take several statements out of context (I can't say for certain, since I haven't heard the so-called "tape" of the conversation, but his transcript seems garbled in several spots). Anyone who wants to see (and hear) what we're really about is invited to check out
Speaking of ridiculousness, don't you think that it's funny that the "punk community" is supposed to be so anti-authority but usually winds up going along with the values dictated by our secular humanist society? You want anti-authority? The authorities of His time tried to kill Jesus, but He just rose right back up: "When mankind was lost, He put Himself on the cross, because He loved you so well. He went to the land of the dead, kicked in Satan's head and grabbed the keys to hell." ("Sympathy For Jesus")
At any rate, our album, "My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours" (Gabriel's Trumpet Records) should be out in April. I'll send you a copy for review. You're welcome to take the easy way out and make fun of it, but I'll be praying for you to open your hearts and minds to the Truth.
Yours truly, Mike Andrews"
For more information, discover their 2010 website!



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