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Random Hymns
gsl104 (2005) LP - $10.00 - temp. unavailable

The Phantom Limbs unclassifiable mix of punk, post-punk, deathrock, art rock and theater has been horrifying and delighting audiences since 1999. They have been called everything from a "New Wave Rudimentary Peni" to "The Reincarnation of Christian Death". Dissonant, unnerving, loud, and somehow strangely catchy, The Phantom Limbs have carved out a signature sound with their cascading keyboards, off-kilter rhythms, driving bass, wall-of-sound guitar and frantic, in-your-face vocals. Like a carnival sideshow, the band thrive equally on the awe and anxiety of the crowd. Their live shows, at home and abroad, have become stuff of legend with singer Hopeless invariably naked or covered in substances of various origin, sometimes going so far as to handcuff himself to unsuspecting fans, as the band pounds out a relentless assault behind him.

The new EP combines the noisy, trashy sound of their debut album, Applied Ignorance, with the more intricate, experimental sounds of the follow-up, Displacement (both available from us here at Alternative Tentacles!). Random Hymns sees The Phantom Limbs experimenting and evolving, but never loses the force or intensity of their patented sound.

Song titles:

1. Topanga Canyon Torture

2. Swill

3. The Olympics

4. Jackalope Rising

5. Cobrador Minutero



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