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virus329 DASH RIP ROCK
virus329 (2005) CD - $12.00
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Recyclone is a collection of Dash Rip Rock's baddest, bawdiest and rowdiest tunes from throughout their history and is a perfect introduction for the uninitiated- and a great drinking soundtrack for the band's beer-hounding faithful. These tracks demonstrate why Dash Rip Rock is the ultimate bar band.

This compilation of outrageously raucous countrified punk, shows that Dash Rip Rock have serious chops yet are intent on not taking life too seriously. Their parodies and piss-takes of rock classics are in a league all their own, and their originals are just as ass-kicking.

This compilation of their great tunes includes an updating of one of their most beloved tunes "Let's Go Smoke Some Pot" and some tracks from their long out-of-print 7-inches! We put out this celebration of their history 2 years before their 2007 interpretation of Dante's Inferno, the AT full-length Hee Haw Hell. Bottoms up!

"The time has come for the rest of the country to climb aboard and revel in (Dash Rip Rock's) barrage of crunchy guitars, toe-tappin' beats, and amusing lyrics."

- Billboard Magazine

"Best Bet for Stardom"

ľUSA Today

"Undeniably the South's greatest rock band"

- Spin



1. "Shootin' Up Signs" (4:40)
2. "Johnny Ace" (1:47)
3. "She's Got A Lot Of Nerve" (2:01)
4. "Rattletrap" (2:29)
5. "Silver Moonlit Rail" (2:11)
6. "BFE" (3:37)
7. "True Drunk Love" (3:32)
8. "You Were On My Mind" (3:38)
9. "Snows In Mississippi" (5:07)
10. "Falling Apart" (3:09)
11. "Locked Inside A Liquor Store" (3:37)
12. "Best Reason To Leave You" (2:45)
13. "Eventually Evangeline" (3:35)
14. "False Prophet" (2:47)
15. "DMZ" (1:36)
16. "Call Me When You Find My Number" (3:02)
17. "Marsupial" (4:11)
19. "Pot 205" (2:14)
20. "Shake That Girl" (2:07)

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Dash Rip Rock

Dash Rip Rock

Dash Rip Rock

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