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virus073 ALICE DONUT
Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life
virus073 (1 Jan 1989) Digital only! - $0.00 - coming soon

Available on iTunes now!
The title pretty much says it all. New York's own lysergic art damaged punks give us a twisted sophomore effort that slays all in its path. Alice Donut displays the maniacal fervor that was the hallmark of their first record "Donut Comes Alive" (virus061). So watch out, baby, baby!

No one hates ball-viced, high pitched vocals more than I. But it is inconceivable to push aside such efforts just because the dude with the mic wears his shorts a little too tight. There tuning is impaired, their compositions are intentionally face-slapping with diversity. All of this and off their rocker too! A true delicacy in avant-garde hardcore.

- Flipside

Alice Donut should be bigger than they are. They made a lovely, guitar-laden noise, they have funny, twisted lyrics and a social conscience, plus they think Sinead O'Connor is a disappointment. One of those rare albums that's at home at a party or when you're all alone and you want to hear the words. They rip it all up, everything from rednecks to the very rich to preachers to MTV.. About Ms. O'Connor, "I wanna believe but you just make me sneer, 'cause it's the same emotions that they use to sell me beer." On that note I think 1989 is finally behind us.

- San Francisco Sentinel



1. "Lydia's Black Lung" (2:49)
2. "Testosterone Gone Wild" (2:23)
3. "Sinead O"Conner On T.V." (1:34)
4. "Dorothy" (4:29)
5. "Sky of Bones" (4:50)
6. "Egg" (3:37)
7. "Consumer Decency" (2:34)
8. "My Life Is A Mediocre Piece Of Shit" (4:13)
9. "Incinerator Heart" (1:30)
10. "Bucket, Forks, Pock" (3:38)
11. "Demonologist" (3:15)
12. "Lisa's Father (Waka Baby)" (5:23)

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Alice Donut

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