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Wesley at Rock 'n' Roll McDonalds

Dear AT team,
I am saddened as I wake up this morning to hear the tragic news of one my most beloved musical artists has passed away. It is truly sad that it takes an event like this for me to reflect on how much Wesley has entertained and affected my life. I was fortunate enough to catch one of his shows at the MEow Meow a year ago in Portland, Oregon. I filmed the whole show, bought one of his cd's and got it autographed. Anyhow, if you plan on paying a tribute to Mr. Willis, you may have a copy of the tape I made for free to use in any compilation you wish. I think it would be nice for people to be able to experience his charm. Thank you for your time,
-shane --

Wesley at the Barber Shop


I just wanted to let you folks know the pain of Wes passing is felt even up here in the vast Northern wastelands. I feel saddened, and I also feel the world has lost something unique. I would also like to thank you guys for giving Wes a spot to sell his cd's, for I probably would have never found his music had I not seen it on your website. With as crappy as this year has been for everyone in the punk "scene", or whatever the hell you want to call it, this sort of tipitifies the general malase that seems to be present, and my only hope is he found a better place. Anyhow, I lack the ellequence and wit to pen any meaningfull prose about the man, and knowing him only through his music, I wouldn't know where to begin. Let it only be said than that I, along with many, feel the loss, and I send my reguards to his family, his fans, and you folks.


Is there anyway I could send flowers to the recently deceased Wesley Willis? Honestly, he was one of my heroes. I cried for hours after I heard the news. He did not deserve the cards that were dealt to him. For weeks I wanted to send him a card, telling him to get better. However I procrastinated enough, and in the end i was too late. His loss strikes me in the heart, honestly. Since I was 14 years old I have loved his music and his accomplishments. Anyone that could go from homeless in Chicago, to a "rockstar" does not deserve to die. I miss him terribly already. Please give me information in which I could send flowers.
A mourning Hank.


If there ever was another Alternative Tentacles signed artist that ever influenced me more than the Dead Kennedys, it was Wesley Willis. Jello, you are always number one with me, but if you sucked for even 30 minutes, Wesley would have taken your first place spot without any hesitation. I'm sure you would understand.
Rock over Isreal, Rock over Baghdad! Halliburton, Carnage = victory.


My condolences on the loss of your friend Wesley. I wish I'd met him. Shit. Thanks for a most eloquent and affecting sendoff.
Craig in Carbondale

Wesley Cartoon By Fan


I am saddened to hear of the loss of your friend Wesley. I didnt know Wesley personally but I am saddened by his passing and I thought Jello's eulogy/ written tribute in the email was very beautiful and moving, and made me wish that I had known him. It must be a sad day for you guys around there and especially for Jello. Please pass on my thoughts and condolences to Jello for what their worth. thinking of you all and hope that your all well,
Ethan - Comets On Fire


My Day With Wesley Willis by Justin Luczejko -

I arrived at Kinkos in downtown Denver to print out the few remaining pages of Wonka Vision #14. I sat down, set up my laptop and got comfortable. I was there for about five minutes when I heard this low grumble of a voice exclaim, "Hey Sir! Can you laminate my song for me?" Before turning around I thought to myself how much that man sounded like Wesley Willis, and sure enough it was. In all his glory! The head-butting scar, the curly black hair, and the chipped front tooth. Wesley Willis was laminating his song lyrics in Kinkos. I immediately shot up out my chair and went and gave him a high five.

"What's up Wesley?" I asked like a little kid. "You want to buy one of my CD's? Two for twenty bucks!" Wesley bargained. "Do you take credit cards?" I asked. "I take cash", grumbled Wesley.

I sat down at the computer next to Wesley and began emptying out my wallet. I found nothing but some pictures of old girlfriends and bagel coupons. "What are you doing in Denver Wesley?" I asked. "We are playing a rock show June 28th at the 15th Street Tavern. Will you rock there with me?" asked Wesley in return. "Hell Yeah!" I exclaimed.

Wesley became so excited he shook with laughter and gave me a tight gripping shake of the hand. "Look into these eyes and say rock," said Wesley! Moments later I found myself head-butting Wesley Willis in Kinkos. The customers as well as workers all stared in astonishment. Maybe because Wesley had been asking them to do the same thing before I got there. (As I overheard some employees imitating Wesley in the background with conversations like "He asked me to say Rock!") But mostly because someone was brave enough to head-butt the three hundred and some pound man. After telling Wesley that I do a rock magazine and we had interviewed him several times I returned to my laptop.

From about twenty feet away I listened to him cough up phlegm from his throat and spit away into the trash can that he had by his side, specifically for that purpose. "Hey buddy. Get me a Diet Coke", Wesley shouted to the Kinkos computer guys. Sure enough they did. No one in the place other then myself was really aware of who Wesley was and what he did, but he did manage to coax one Kinko's employee into buying his "Dr. Wax" record. Everytime Wesley spit into his trash can I laughed harder and harder as the suit and tie customers all around me grunted and moaned in disgust.

"Ya know, I saw that guy play for about 400 kids, in a church in Philadelphia a few years ago", I told the Kinkos worker. About 5 other people had now looked up from what they were doing when I said that. "I hear he tours all over the country", he tells me in a nonsensical sort of manner. No one really believed it. I went back over and sat with Wesley. Kicked my feet up and he shook my hand again.

"Aren't you a bit early for the show", I asked. "I'm on a vacation", he said. "Did you go to the Colorado Avalanche Victory parade yesterday?" I asked him. "No, but I wrote a song about the Colorado Avalanche for my new record. They kicked the Devils ass huh?" "They sure did!' I said.

When I agreed, Wesley became ecstatic and began repeating "They kicked the Devils ass, I wrote a song about that", over and over. We talked about Weezer, Def Lepard, Dokken and a bunch of Wesley's favorite bands for a while and I noticed this young black girl with dreadlocks watching our conversation.

So I said, "Hey, check this guy out. He's got all kinds of songs." She came over and Wesley sung his new hit song "The Horse Bit Me" to the both of us. Out loud at the top of his lungs.

"The horse bit my ass, the horse bit me, the horse bit me." She was on the floor in roaring hysterics. An immediate fan. The best part about it was that she kept looking at me like "Is this guy for real?" The two of them became better friends as we sat and listened to Wesley sing (scream) to us all of his new unreleased songs.

"I'm gonna sell 14 million copies of my Colorado Avalanche song. I want to get signed to Geffen. How many bands does Geffen have? Who else is on Geffen? Where is Geffen at? Does Geffen ever drop their bands?"

Wesley just kept firing away. He knew what he was talking about though surprisingly enough. I traded Wesley the new Pistol Grip CD on BYO Records for a copy of one of his older records. He was super happy to have it, seeing as one of his song titles was "Pistol Grip". Of my many encounters with Wesley, this one will forever be the most notable. I gave Wesley my phone number and we were going to hang out but I never did hear from him.

I wanted to express my sadness, regards to his friends and my compassion for a gentle man who suffered such tremendous obstacles on lifes path. Wesley Willis is a true rock & roll warrior who will live on in my heart and memory forever.

Wesley Cartoon By Fan


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