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Jesse Townley here, a.k.a Jesse Luscious, the Mail Male, at your service! (updated December 4, 2009)

Gulag Hockey Team

Our ice hockey team, Gulag in February 2007. I'm the goalie, and one of our players (hint, the one with the colored hair) used to be in Jewdriver. Our logo replaces the hammer of the hammer and sickle with a hockey stick. Photo by Digital Dave.

You can hear my dj show every Tuesday morning 6-9am Pacific on KALX 90.7 FM.
The song playlists from all of my shows are here

In November 2008 I was elected to a 2 year seat on the Berkeley Rent Board! Recently I helped resurrect the Berkeley chapter of the Green Party. One of the remnants of my 2004 campaign for Berkeley City Council is the Grassroots Candidate website- that is here for the taking and modification by any grassroots candidate or electoral campaign. Seriously, there's no reason for your campaign or your candidate to re-invent the wheel- it's not rocket science to run for office. Use the lessons and website code of my campaign to fuel your own campaign in your locale. Good luck!

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