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Cont'd... But the singer added that the victory didn't come cheaply. Since his arrest, the Dead Kennedys have disbanded, and Biafra's marriage has ended. "I've been wearing Lenny Bruce's shoes for over a year, and I don't think they fit very well," he said, referring to the late comic, whose career tailspinned after several obscenity arrests. Biafra's legal fees total more than $55,000.

     Few members of the music community came to Biafra's support; Frank Zappa, Steve Van Zandt and Paul Kantner were the only high-profile rock artists to contribute to his defense fund.

     Van Zandt, the former E Street Band guitarist who spearheaded 1985's "Sun City" antiapartheid project, described the entire Biafra trial as "despicable" and said record companies are contributing to a repressive atmosphere.

     "Young artists are being pressured not to be so controversial," said Van Zandt. "Although the controversy suposedly has to do with sex or drugs or Satanism, it also extends to political issues. The Jim Morrisons or the Jimi Hendrixes of the world, maybe they wouldn't be signed now."

     Despite dismissing all charges, the judge warned that the legal issue "should be resolved in another case." Guarino played down further porn-rock prosecution and said the pressing of criminal charges against an album with lewd lyrics was "unlikely".

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