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naked lady and dog

For those of you who couldn't make it to the shows...and for those who were a little light in the wallet at the show:

We're gonna give away the new Jello 7" single bundled with a Biafra Five-O t-shirt to THREE people.

We're pretty pooped from the event, so just e-mail with:

+ your full name
+ your postal address
+ your t-shirt size

by 5pm PDT on JULY 10 and we'll draw three winners. We'll do our best to accommodate your size, but we may run out of certain sizes; in which case, you'll be sent a shirt in a bigger size. We figure it's easier to grow into a shirt than to slim down, no?

If you want to entertain us, tell us what kind of cake you'd make for Jello's 50th birthday. We got him a coffin-shaped vanilla cake with the AT bat logo, presented to Jello on stage by Nat and Jon from Akimbo. The Melvins got him TWO choco-vanilla swirl cakes--one with Tipper Gore and the other with Ted Kennedy. You can see the cakes in our Biafra Five-O photo albums on the MySpace/Facebook.

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