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Slim Cessna's Auto Club Cipher Contest!!

In March, Slim Cessna's Auto Club released their new album Cipher (Virus 383). As the title suggests, the text on the album artwork is in cipher: to find out what the song titles are, you have to break the code.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to solve two riddles in cipher. They must've been total stumpers (or too labor-intensive?) because we only received a handful of entries, and not enough correct answers to fill out the two grand prizes and four runners up places. In any case, please give a round of virtual applause to:

Catharin M. of Alexandria, VA who won the grand prize for Riddle #1. She's the only person who got the answers we were shooting for on both riddles. Catharin, you rule!! (Do you work on cryptography for our friends at the NSA? Joking!)

Mike P. of Boulder, CO who won the grand prize for Riddle #2.

Loretta G. of Campbell, CA who won the runner-up prize for Riddle #2.

We also decided to declare Randi S. of Macomb, MI and Kaylee T. as runners up since they sent in their entries and solved the cipher correctly. Thanks for playing, everyone! We hope you had fun. We will post another contest before long.

Riddles and Solutions

Cipher Riddle One Thumbnail
(Click on image for a larger version)

Riddle 1


"A riddle!
Without metal,
Without leaf nor stem,
Hairless am I,
Caught up by the dark one,
Closed to your senses five

Solution: Snake (the riddle refers to the painting on the cover of Cipher)

Cipher Riddle Two Thumbnail
(Click on image for a larger version)

Riddle 2


"Another riddle!
Wordless, singing-
With fragrant needles,
Weaving woolly wings-
When we're through,
We'll follow Slim up to the sky

Solution: Bullfrogs (the riddle refers to the song "All About the Bullfrog in 3 Verses")

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